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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sabathia Is Awful As Yanks Lose Opener 10-5

I had such high hopes for today's games. I thought CC would cruise. I thought Mark Teixeira would get off to a hot start. I was wrong on both counts.

CC Sabathia was awful today. He had no command of his fastball and his control was questionable on many of his pitches. He finished with 96 pitches, only 50 were strikes. That's not a good ball-to-strike ratio. I don't know if it was first game jitters but he has to be better. 4.1 innings from our 161 million dollar ace is not acceptable. I wrote earlier today that I understood why the Yankees didn't keep a long man on the pitching staff. The arms in the rotation, except for Joba, are all capable of throwing 7 innings each and every game. CC didn't do anything to prove my point today. He's lucky tomorrow is an off day.

The other big acquisition, Mark Teixeira, had a pretty crappy regular season debut. 0-4 with a walk. And that's only because the umpire must have blinked. It should have been oh-fer-five with 2 Ks. I know Teixeira is a slow starter but I expected him to do better than an oh-fer in his first game. Ugh.

I really hate those Mohegan Sun commercials. Almost as much as I hate Michael Kay. Kay uttered one of the stupidest things he's ever said in the 8th inning, "Coke delivers free and easy." You could tell Ken Singleton thought it was dumb. I loved Kenny's reply, "That's a refreshing thought." I love a good Coke reference as much as the next guy, but Michael Kay just makes them sound so bad. And in typical Kay fashion, he put the jinx on Coke. He makes that stupid remark and Coke gets taken deep. Coincidence? Sure, but it's fun to blame others. Tough break for Coke there in the eighth. That ball was probably caught if not for the fans. But that's baseball. The Yanks will get that break someday.

The bullpen wasn't a strength for the Yanks today. I thought once CC left that if the pen could hold the Os to 6 runs, then the Yanks offense would pick CC up. The Brian Bruney of old showed up tonight, walking 2. The pitching today was suspect. It needs to be better. It reminder me a lot of the Yankees pitching from the last few years. The SPs go less than 5, the bullpen implodes, you get the picture. The pitching staff is supposed to be their strong suit now. Today it was far from it.

It was nice to see Jorge Posada take one deep. His bat was sorely missed last year and it'll be a huge boost to have him around. Same goes for Hideki Matusi. The Yankees lost a lot of production last year with those 2 out of action. If those 2 can stay healthy, the Yankees offense could do great things. While I'm talking about Jorge, what was up with his failure to apply a tag on Melvin Mora? He received the ball from Brett Gardner in plenty of time to slap on a tag, but it didn't even look like he made an attempt. He's real lucky the umpire was screened and called Mora out. He looked safe to me.

I really like having Brett Gardner hitting 9th and Jeter hitting leadoff. The run they manufactured in the 3rd inning was nice. I can see that happening a lot this year. Whether it's a hit-and-run or Gardner making a steal attempt. It's going to result in some extra runs. I really like the flow of the lineup. Every other hitter hits from a different side of the plate. That's going to give opposing manager's fits. Take the 7th inning of tonight's game for example. The Os used 3 RPs in that inning alone. Burn through the bullpen and eventually you'll get to the underbelly. If only Xavier Nady didn't ground into a DP. I know he had an RBI double, but I am not a Nady guy. He's overrated. Is it me or does he look slower than molasses out there in RF? I'm not sure if it was his baserunning blunder in the 6th that killed that rally or if it was Rob Thomson's fault. I don't like though how X just stood there and let himself get tagged out. You never know if the other team will make a mistake. I don't like seeing anyone just give up like that.

Jeter had a pretty solid day at the plate. I fully expected him to bring Pena home in the 8th. I've grown accustomed to Jeter coming through in the clutch. I was surprised when he didn't.

I hate to say this but I miss A-Rod. I know Cody Ransom isn't even close to Alex in terms of talent, even without the steroids, but Cody's strength is his glove and he tanked it with that tonight. He should have easily made that play on Mora's grounder and turned it into a DP. 2 runs came around to score. Cody can't be doing that.

I hope the Orioles, and the rest of MLB for that matter, have a policy where anyone that interferes with a ball in play get bounced from the park immediately. If they're season ticket holders, revoke their tickets. I'm tired of seeing these douches reaching out for shots down the line. I would have been ticked had the umpires held Cano at third on Nady's double. I hoped they bounced that guy. What a jerkwad. Thankfully it didn't matter.

So the Yanks drop the season opener. It's not much to worry about. I'm just surprised at how poorly they played. Sabathia was disappointing. He was really bad. He needs to be much better. He'll find that groove. Tomorrow is an off day and Wednesday night we get the return of Chien-Ming Wang. I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully, he fares better than CC.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Just Can't Kill The Beast

The Yankees are a weird bunch. They won their 2nd straight against the Rays, the team with the best home record, and overall record, in all of MLB. It was their 3rd straight game with 7 runs or more. Where was all this last week? Why do they wait until the last possible second to show signs of life. It's as if Rowdy Roddy Piper has Hulk Hogan in a sleeper hold, the ref has lifted the Hulkster's arm twice, and on the 3rd and final try, it falls, stops just short of the mat, and then Hulkamania kicks in and it's on. They still have a long way to go, and i still think it's way too much of a hole to climb out of, but they're definitely doing their best to make things interesting. I said right before the Rays series started that the Yanks, just to mess with us, would end up winning 6 straight (sweeping TB and Seattle), giving us all hope, only to tank against the Angels. I'm going to be pretty irked if that actually goes down. The thing the Yankees need to do right now is win and not worry about anyone else. Even with the Red Sox winning 3 straight, I'm still tabbing 95 wins as the magic number for the wild card. I'm not anticipating any great Red Sox collapse. So they have to go 20-3 the rest of the way. Still not liking their chances of doing that.

I didn't see much of the game yesterday. I had it on, but had other things I was devoting my attention to. The bullpen saved the day. 5 innings of 2 hit ball. Nice. They're really going to need to step it up this last month. The team needs all the help it can get and they can't afford to have shoddy performances in tight games. I'm pretty sure they're going to get called on a lot, especially when our starters can't even make it through 5 innings, with a lead no less. Girardi is going to have those guys on a short hook, as he should. I'd rather have any reliever, except for maybe Veras, get the ball over Pavano, Rasner, and especially Ponson. Phil Coke was again impressive. He'll prove to be a good call-up and valuable member of the bullpen/Yankees. I can though live without Michael Kay trying to have fun with his name and throwing out Coca-Cola slogans, like "have a Coke and a smile," or "I'd like to but the world a Coke." Michael Kay. Douche.

A-Rod has been an absolute monster in the month of September. I know it's only been 3 games but it's been impressive. 8-13 with 2 HRs, 7 runs scored, 9 RBI, and best of all, no GIDPs! Where was all of that in August? In August's 28 games, A-Rod went 25-103 (.243) with 6 HRs, 23 runs scored, 16 RBI and worst of all, 11 GIDPs. Alex really needs to be the A-Rod we're seeing now and not that of last month if the Yankees are going to win 87% of their remaining games. Put us on your back A-Rodacus and lead us to the promised land.

Tonight's finale in Tampa isn't going tp be a walk in the park. Rasner vs. Kazmir. The Yanks would be smart to get Kazmir's pitch count up quickly. He doesn't usually last very long, and if the Yanks play their game and try to work counts and whatnot, they might be OK. Rasner worries me. Hopefully, the offense keeps doing what they're doing.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The End Is Rapidly Approaching

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that the Yankees could only afford 7 more losses the rest of the way. Make that 6. And if they continue to play the way they're playing, they'll lose those 6 games by the end of next week.

Tonight was another absolutely brutal game. Where's the friggin' offense? It's mind boggling that they could only manage 5 hits off of Paul Byrd. Pathetic. And nice of Alex to rap a few doubles when it really didn't matter. Why couldn't he do that like yesterday? Typical Alex. Failing to come through when it counts. Usually he saves those kind of games for the postseason. Somebody tell him there's still 30 games left.

There's no way the Yankees are going to win 24 of the last 30 with their current rotation. The trio of Rasner, Ponson, and Pavano have about 16-19 starts left between them. Can anyone honestly see those 3 losing only 6 games between them? And that's assuming that Pettitte and Moose win out. Ponson allows way too many baserunners. He allowed 11 tonight in his 4.2 innings. No idea how he only allowed 4 runs. Rasner only has 2 wins in his last 16 starts. He's 2-9 with 5 no decisions. The Yanks are 3-2 in those 5 games. And Carl Pavano? Do I even need to say anything? The Yanks really need to make some serious upgrades to the rotation in the coming days if they want to have any kind of chance. Those 3 won't get it done.

Did anyone else hear Michael Kay say in the 8th inning that the Red Sox were "going to try and hold onto their lead?" Hello? The score was freaking 11-2. Maybe if it were a 1-run game or if they were the 1927 Yankees, I could understand that comment. But come on. A 9-run lead against a piss-poor Yankee offense? They could have trucked out Bobby Doerr to pitch the last 2 innings and the Sox still would have easily won the game. Stupid comment. Typical Michael Kay. I can't stand him.

Tomorrow is a day game. Should be a good one. Moose vs. Lester. I think Moose has 7 starts left. He needs 4 wins to hit the 20-win mark. I think Moose has a good shot but he really needs some help from the offense. The last thing I want to see is Moose pitch a gem and lose some games by scores of 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc. He's been getting some run support lately. The Yanks have scored 33 runs in his last 3 starts with 9 runs being their lowest total runs scored.

Man I hope they come through tomorrow.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


Monday, June 2, 2008

Well That Was Fun. Not. Yanks Lose 6-5

That was an extremely frustrating game to watch. 2-0 lead. Gone. 4-2 lead. Gone. 5-4 lead. gone. And Kyle Farnsworth quickly puts the Yankees down for good. K-Farns has gotten into the habit of giving up runs in every other outing. May 17= 3 runs. May 22 = 0 runs. May 24 = 2 runs. May 27 = 0 runs. May 30 = 1 run. May 31= 0 runs. June 2 = 1 run. Memo to Joe Girardi: Kyle Farnsworth sucks. It's not all his fault though. Andy Pettitte has to protect the lead. He was given 3 leads tonight and he blew them all. Andy is better than that. Pettitte wasn't sharp tonight. He got knocked around and it ended up biting the team in the rump. At least he toughed it out and pitched 7 innings. The Yanks will need the bullpen tomorrow.

I have mixed feelings about the offense. They hit the ball but didn't when it counted. 5 runs on 15 hits. Not very productive. Individually, they were fine. Collectively, they blew. As I wrote yesterday they own Livan Hernandez and they owned him again. They definitely let him off the hook. The Yanks left 10 guys on base and they can't do be doing that if they want to win. Arrrgh!

Michael Kay needs to shut his pie hole. "The Twins are the only team without a HR from their catcher." Joe Mauer goes yard. "Twins fans are upset that Delmon Young is only hitting singles." He hits 3 doubles. Don't quote me on this last one but "The Yankees have only lost 4 times when Johnny Damon gets 2 hits in the game." Damon gets 2 hits and the Yankees lose. Man I hate that guy. Most of you know that already. He's a d-bag.

Back below .500. Frustrating. Very frustrating to watch. It won't be an easy task beating the Jays tomorrow. Joba makes his debut as a starter against Roy Halladay. This should be fun. This team really needs to start winning consistently. They've been playing better lately but they just can't put it all together. The Jays are playing good ball. Their pitching staff is unreal. As quickly as the Yanks got back to .500, they can just as easily drop right back down to 4 games below even against these guys.

I'm tired. I'm ticked. I'm tired of being ticked. AARGH. Well, at least the Sox lost.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bats Fall Flat, Yanks Lose To Tigers 6-2

I've said this many many times. I hate Michael Kay. Dude does not know when to keep his trap shut. I've blogged a few times in the past how he'll say things that always seem to jinx the Yankees. A-hole did it again tonight. Th Yanks were up 2-1 and Kay comments that Andy Pettitte lost his first start of the year at the Stadium and never in his career has he lost the first 2 starts of the year at the Stadium. Shortly thereafter Pettitte starts giving up longballs. Coincidence? I think not.

Andy started out great but his outing quickly turned south as the game wore on. I don't know if he's getting tired early or what, but his outing ended up a lot like his last start when he seemed to run out of gas midway though the game. I was really encouraged watching him early on. The Yankees need Andy to be that guy that consistently give them 6-7 innings. He's pretty good about that. He went 6 tonight which helped the bullpen a little bit after Hughes' short outing yesterday. Again, I don't think he pitched poorly, but it wasn't enough. Even had he held the Tigers to 3 runs it wouldn't have been enough with the offensive struggles. It's got to be tough to these guys to take the hill and know they have to keep the other team to 3 runs or less. the offense needs to kick it into gear.

The offense was again horrible tonight. The 1st inning was promising. It looked like they had a shot at chasing Bonderman early. They managed 2 runs on 3 hits in the first. That unfortunately would pretty much be it. The Yankees racked up a whopping 2 hits the rest of the way. Horrible. I have a feeling these struggles will continue with Jorge and A-Rod on the DL. You can't make up for that loss in production. The Yankees scored 968 runs last year and Jorge and Alex knocked in 25% of those runs. That's a lot to lose. But injuries are part of the game and right now the injury bug is going around.

The Yankees announced tonight that Phil Hughes was placed on the DL with an oblique strain. I'm not sure I buy that. I think the Yanks wanted to give him some time to work things out and this was the path they chose. It allows Phil time to "rehab" and work out the kinks. Injured or not, it's probably not a bad thing to give him 2 weeks off. He needs to get his act together. How come no one is talking about Dave Eiland when the subject of Hughes and Kennedy come up. Eiland was made the pitching coach largely because of the work he's done with these youngsters in the past. You'd think he'd be able to diagnose any issues and correct any problems. I'm surprised that Eiland along with Moose and Pettitte can't get through to these guys. They're killing them right now. Things need to change, and it looks like the team is getting the ball rolling with that.

When I was driving home from work I was listening to "The Show w/Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble" on XM. A severely disgruntled Yankees fan called up complaining about how bad Hughes is and how the Yankees should have dealt both he and Kennedy for Johan Santana. What a bozo. I understand the "win now" mentality but the Yankees decided to go with a period of adjustment this year. We knew this was coming. It was inevitable. Cashman has said many times that one of his objectives is to get the payroll in check. Trading 2 young-uns who are making bupkiss for the highest paid pitcher in the game isn't going to accomplish that. The Yankees put what they thought would be a winner on the field. Before the season started plenty of people out there thought it was a winner. I still do. Based on the scouting reports on Hughes and Kennedy and their performances last year I think they were wise to roll the dice with them. Right now it's not working out, and who knows maybe it never will, but the stuff is there and they're 21 and 23 respectively. They're not even near their prime. The problem is that they're not ready for the big leagues. I think the Yankees were wise to hold onto them because they will be the future of the starting rotation. What the Yankees should have done was picked up some insurance policies in the form of some proven veteran pitchers in case things didn't work out. Right now, their options to replace them are pretty weak. The ball would likely go to Kei Igawa or Darrell Rasner. Sorry, but I'd almost rather go with Phil and Ian.

The other thing that annoyed me on the call was Dibble and Kennedy referring to Chien-Ming Wang as not a "true number 1." Come on now. Kennedy's argument was that Wang only lives off his sinker and if it's not working, he gets hammered. Last time I checked Wang was mixing his pitches mroe and more and I think he has at least 4 quality pitches in his arsenal--sinker, splitter, 4 seam fastball, slider and maybe even a change? They ran down a list of who they felt werre real #1s and if memory serves it was Johan, Beckett, Peavy, Sabathia, and Brandon Webb to name a few. Now I don't know much about Brandon Webb but doesn't he primarily live of his sinker? Didn't he throw a 1-hitter a few years ago where 755 of the pitches he threw were sinkers? I thought I heard that somewhere. when Kennedy mentioned Beckett he talked about a 97 mph heater and a great curve. I think Wang's fastball is normally around 94 (I think). Not much of a difference to me. And why does a guy have to have a curveball to be a #1? Wang's sinker is just as effective. It's not all about power and strikeouts. Wang is a true #1, plain and simple. If he pitched well last October, we wouldn't have this discussion. Give the guy some credit.

Thank God this game ended rather early. I did 17 miles today on the treadmill. I'm beat and I needs me some sleep. April is finally over and I really hope May is more kind to the Yankees.


Monday, April 7, 2008

This Moose Is Not Cooked

A series split with the Rays. Considering how the series started I'll take it. For my money the star of the game was Mike Mussina. I'm glad he got the "player of the game" nod from the fans and crew at YES. Quite simply, Moose was awesome. Shame on those of you Yankees fans who were so quick to write Moose off. He's been one of the most consistent pitchers in the history of the game. Like any pitcher he'll have the occasional bad game. But more often that not, he's going to keep the team in he ballgame. He shut down a pretty good Rays offense giving up only 2 hits through 6 innings. He was definitely on his game. Congrats to Moose on winning #251 and tying the great Bob Gibson on the all-time win list, and on passing David Cone on the all-time strikeout list.

This was definitely the best offensive game to date, albeit it wasn't anywhere near what they're capable of. They put up 6 runs on 11 hits. Not bad, but they can do better. It's still pretty much the same handful of guys coming through. Bobby Abreu is absolutely en fuego. No chance he slumps like he did last season. Matsui had another nice game at the plate chipping in with 2 RBI. He's much better suited to hit 5th in the lineup than down in the 8-hole where Girardi had him hitting the first few games. Memo to Joe: Don't tinker with what works. Leave Cano in the 7 spot and keep Matsui hitting behind Alex.

Brian Bruney again showed he was going to be reliable in big spots. He hasn't shown any signs of the control problems that has plagued him in the past. I almost threw up my dinner when they cut to Farnsworth warming up in the bullpen when it was still a 4-1 game. I am so glad that the Yanks tacked on some insurance because there's no way anyone should have faith in him in close games. I know he and Girardi were teammates once, but come on Joe, he's shown us time and time again that he can't handle it. I'm glad things worked out the way they did. Farsnworth and Hawkins basically mopped up. Hawkins made things a little interesting there in the 9th, and surprisingly, neither he nor Farnsworth gave up a run.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I love Jose Molina. It's been a while since the Yankees had a backup catcher that could swing the stick.

Speaking of backup catchers, I need to make mention of something John Flaherty made to Michael Kay during the broadcast. Kay referred to the shift that the Yankees put on Carlos Pena as the "martini glass defense." As soon as those words came out of his mouth, I was like "ugh." Where does he come up with this drivel? First we get "generation trey," now we get "martini glass defense." For those that missed the broadcast, he called it a "martini glass defense" because the positioning of the right-fielder, first-baseman, second-baseman and shortstop looks like an upside down martini glass. Horrible Kay. Absolutely horrible. After he made the comment, Flaherty interjected saying something like, "I can guarantee you that no one has ever referred to that as a martini glass defense." Thank you John! That comment made my night. In short Kay, you're an idiot.

It sounds like they'll be without Jeter for a few days. Girardi said in the postgame that they were going to take it slow and that he definitely wouldn't be in the lineup tomorrow. Jeter's a gamer. He'll be back in a few days.

It was a pretty successful homestand in my opinion. They took 2 out of 3 from a very tough Toronto team. Halladay, Burnett and McGowan are one of the better 1-2-3 punches in the league. The Rays are a great young team and they're only going to get better. When Kazmir returns they become a much better team. A team like the Rays always gives the Yankees fits. They're quick and they're not afraid to run. That's why the Angels had so much success against them while Torre was the skipper. Bouncing back to take the final 2 games of the series is just what this team needed before embarking on a road trip. The pitching has been great. The offense has been lukewarm but is showing signs of heating up. A reader named Mike left a comment today that the bats will heat up with the weather. I couldn't agree with that more. Hopefully, the pitching stays as hot as they've been.

Tomorrow is a day game. Yuck. I hate day games for the sole reason that I can't watch it. You can bet though I'll have it on my XM radio. At least it's a 4pm start so I should be home for some of it. I'll have to remember to set up the DVR.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


Friday, April 4, 2008

I Would Love To Slap Michael Kay Silly

Raise your hand if you're sick of hearing Michael Kay refer to the trio of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Ian Kennedy as "Generation Trey?" That has to be the dumbest nickname I've ever heard. And he says it over and over and over, obviously trying to get it to catch on. Memo to Mike: It ain't going to happen. Give it up and quit while you're ahead. A very weak effort on his part.
Almost as bad, but not quite, is "The Three Amigos." It's overplayed and has been done. Very unoriginal. There should only be one "Three Amigos" and that's Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, and Ned Nederlander.

If I may I'd like to suggest "The Triumvirate." For those not familiar with the word, it means: 1.Roman History. the office or magistracy of a triumvir.
2.a government of three officers or magistrates functioning jointly.
3.a coalition of three magistrates or rulers for joint administration.
4.any association of three in office or authority.
5.any group or set of three.

Any association of three in authority. A coalition of three rulers for joint administration. Yeah, I like that.

Kennedy gets the ball tonight against the Rays so I'm sure Kay will name drop "Generation Trey" at least 5 or so times. Whoever is in the booth needs to just smack him across the face every time he says it. Am I the only one that can't stand the name?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,