Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Golden Glove Love

I'm sure everybody knows by now that the Yankees had 3 guys pick up 2010 Gold Glove Awards. One I think was very deserving. One I think was deserving but may not have been the most deserving. One probably didn't deserve but I'm happy he did and respect the players and coaches enough to back their decision.

Can you figure out who is who? Here is one thing I do find funny about the Gold Glove Awards. They are voted on by players and coaches. I'm surprised that Derek Jeter keeps winning this award considering he's been voted the most overrated player by his peers in those yearly polls taken by Sports Illustrated. You'd think if they really thought he was overrated that he wouldn't keep winning. I've always found that odd.

Congrats to Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano on picking up the GG. The Yankees truly do have one of the best defensive infields. Not a bad thing to have behind you, eh Cliff Lee?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Show Him (Derek Jeter) The Money

The offseason has just started and the hot stove is already roaring. I wrote a week or so ago that this was going to be an interesting offseason because both Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are free agents. We've been down this road before with Mo. Derek Jeter being a free agent is a different story. He's the face of the Yankee franchise and pretty much the poster boy for MLB. He's the team captain. He's one of the greatest Yankees ever. There is no way the Yankees can let him go somewhere else.

There are a lot of rumors and theories flying around that this is going to be a messy situation for the Yankees. I don't really think that it will be. I think that the current negative buzz out there surrounding this story is purely to sell papers and generate page-hits. The comments that have been made by both sides are standard for this type of thing. I think the media is going a little nuts with it to try and keep people interested in the story. Right now there isn't much of a story there. I think the two sides will work things out timely and amicably. I think both sides will work toward the same goal and at the end of the day everybody will win and feelings won't be hurt.

Hal Steinbrenner mentioned the other day that the Yankees have a business to run. They can't just cut DJ a blank check. Fact of the matter is DJ had a pretty bad year in 2010. It was, without question, the worst of his career. He arguably doesn't deserve a heck of a lot of money based on his age and recent performance. Personally, I think the Yankees should do whatever is needed to re-sign him. I think Derek's value to the franchise extends way beyond what happens on the field.

I can't imagine how much money Jeter makes for the Yankees when you look at every facet of their business. I'm sure somebody can put a figure on it. I'm sure that figure is out there somewhere. I'd bet that their return on investment exceeds what they're paying him. Jeter puts butts in the seats. People are constantly buying Yankees-related Jeter merchandise. As he gets closer to certain milestones and nears retirement I think that will create additional revenue. the longer he plays the more new fans he'll also bring in. The Yankees stand to lose quite a bit of coin if he takes his talents to say, South Beach. At least that's my perception.

That being said the Yankees can't just bend over and take it. They do need to come out with some kind of victory, even if it's a small one. If things start to turn ugly I hope they realize that they stand to lose quite a bit if he goes somewhere else. The last thing they should do is nickel-and-dime him. Again, I'd have to think his total value to the franchise will exceed his salary. My perception is that it definitely has in the past.

Thoughts anyone? Am I glossing over anything? Anyone share a different perception of his total value to the Yankees?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,