Monday, November 5, 2007

Andy Declines Option

I'll admit it. I'm a little shocked. I thought for sure that Pettitte wasn't going to decline his player option before the Wednesday deadline. I was looking forward to some good news this week. Guess that will have to wait.
This quote comes from Pettitte's agent, Randy Hendricks:
"I have spoken with Brian Cashman, who has reiterated what Hank Steinbrenner said about the Yankees wanting to give Andy all the time he needs to decide about next season. Accordingly, we are declining to exercise the option for 2008 and Andy will declare free agency in order to free up a roster spot for the Yankees. If Andy decides to play, I am confident we can reach an agreement with the Yankees within 24 hours. The only options, as Andy has stated, are the Yankees or retirement. He appreciates the Yankees' willingness to give him the time he feels he needs. I do not expect him to make a decision for quite some time."
I 100% believe Andy when he says it's the Yankees or nothing. And I do respect the fact that he needs more time to decide. The new regime hasn't exactly made the decisions easy for anyone. First they let Torre go. A-Rod opts out. Still no word on Posada and Mo. I don't want to read too much into this, but if AP is waiting to see what happens to Jorge and Mo, I'm thinking that maybe Andy knows something we don't? Maybe he knows that those guys have no intent on coming back and now he needs to decide if he wants to close out his career with a team whose future is clouded.
This quote comes from Brian Cashman:
"Obviously, we want Andy to stay with the Yanks and pitch for us in '08. In fact, I'd say I need him to. He's an important piece for us. ... We're hopeful that at some point that the marriage of the Pettittes and the Yankees can continue."
In my opinion this doesn't make Cashman's job any easier. If he's planning on playing the trade market, a lot of GMs are going to be asking for the big 3 in Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes, and Joba Chamberlain. Without Pettitte in the fold, there's no way Cash can even entertain dealing any of those guys. Not that he should anyway. The 2008 rotation right now as I see it is Kennedy, Hughes, Chamberlain, Wang, and Mussina. If Mo doesn't come back, I'm pretty sure that the Yankees will have Chamberlain close. Without Andy, the rotation is down to 4 and there isn't anybody in the organization right now that can take that 5th spot. None that I want to see anyway. Like with the Hendricks comment, I don't want to read too much into this, but when Cashman says he "needs" him to come back, that worries me. Does Cash know something we don't? I'm beginning to think that maybe Mo is a goner, Cash knows this or has a feeling he'll walk, and he desperately needs AP to fill out the rotation. The last thing the Yankees need is to have AP take too much time in making this decision. It could limit the trade possibilities and could limit any potential free agent signings as guys continue to sign contracts with other clubs. I think Andy is a stand up guy. If it truly is the Yankees or bust as AP says it is, and he knows how badly they want him, he'll decide sooner than later. I really can't see him leaving the Yankees hanging.
Come on Andy. Let's renew those vows one more time.