Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank You #46

I wrote a post yesterday about Andy Pettitte's retirement. In the post I talked a lot about how I thought it affected the Yankees. I also added some commentary about Andy himself and I wanted to repost that part as I'm afraid it got lost within the rest of the post as it was at the bottom. If you read that post, much of this will be the same. If you haven't, I hope you enjoy it. But first......

I'm sure by now you've all either seen today's retirement press conference, or you've read quotes from it, or you've seen the highlights. I got to catch the first part of it on a break at work and I finished it up this evening. The whole time I was watching the PC I was thinking to myself that, wow, I really am going to miss Andy Pettitte. I thought he came off as incredibly genuine in the PC and what we saw today is exactly why Andy Pettitte is so highly thought of by Yankee fans. He's just a good guy. I had the pleasure of "meeting" Andy a few times and he was always gracious, polite and treated everyone with respect. (Definition of meeting: getting his autograph 5-6 times while in Toronto) He was always nice and didn't mind exchanging pleasantries with everyone. There are a lot of guys who I've encountered who would never say word to you. Andy was one of the good ones. I was really hoping I'd get to see him in person a few more times. Had I really thought he'd retire I would have probably told him thanks in person. Since I didn't get the opportunity to do that I'm going to use this blog to serve that purpose.

I'll always remember his trademark stare to the plate.
I'll always remember 2009, when he pitched the 3 clinchers.
I'll always remember that slick pickoff move.
I'll always remember the home opener in 1996 against the Royals when Andy took the mound while it was snowing.
I'll never forget the several times I got his autograph in Toronto. He was always so nice.
I'll never forget how crappy I felt when he left in 2004 and how great I felt when he came back in 2007.
I'll never forget when he beat John Smoltz in game 5 of the 1996 World Series.
I'll never forget the 19 postseason wins and the 5 World Series titles he helped win.
I'll never forget how he would say the word "y'all."
I'll never forget and I'll always remember Andy Pettitte.

Thank you Andy. It was an honor and a pleasure to follow your career every step of the way. Thank you for everything you've done for the Yankees, for the game of baseball, and for me as a fan. I wish you the best of luck and I hope we'll see you again soon. I look forward to seeing you pitch at an Old Timer's day. I look forward to seeing the Yankees rightfully retire your number. With a little luck, I hope to see you in Cooperstown.

Thanks #46. Thanks for everything.

Peace, love and thank you Andy,