Monday, October 29, 2007

An A-Bomb From A-Rod

First off, congrats to the Boston Red Sox for winning it all. As I mentioned a few posts ago, if it's not the Yankees winning the World Series, I don't really care who it is. I'd prefer it not to be Boston for obvious reasons, but it is what it is. So congrats. I didn't think they had the best team when the season started or even when it ended. But the proof is in the pudding, so hats off to you.
Can A-Rod be any bigger of a dooshbag right now? I don't really care that he opted out, but more so how he opted out and the BS excuse that he and his agent concocted to justify their reasoning. What in your minds made you think that dropping this news during game 4 of the World Series was the right move? You guys look like total tools. Did you think that the Sox winning was going to deflect the attention away from you? It didn't. Do you think anyone believes that your reason of not knowing what Posada, Pettitte and Rivera were going to do had anything to do with your decision? We don't. You had a week and a half to see what was going to happen with those guys. You'll look pretty foolish when those guys all resign. You didn't return any calls placed to you from the Steinbrenner's. You didn't even give your employer the professional courtesy of meeting with them face-to-face. If you were opting out from the get go, you should have just said so. You just look like a bigger doosh than everyone already perceived you to be.
This just goes to show that there is one person that Alex cares about, and that's himself. The timing of his announcement shows me that he thinks he's bigger than the game and obviously doesn't really care what anybody thinks about him. I'll be interested to see who, if anyone, gives Alex more money than the Yankees were reported to be offering. I can't see it happening and I'll be shocked, but not surprised, if it does. I love the conspiracy theories out there. I read one that suggested that Scott Boras cut a side deal with the Red Sox when talking about JD Drew. I love it. Good stuff. The only teams that jump out at me who can afford to pay A-Rod $30 million are the Yankees (not interested), Boston (reportedly not interested), the Mets (where will he play with Reyes and Wright), the Cubs, Angels, Dodgers and Giants. He will definitely blend in a little easier in LA or Anaheim as he'll have plenty of people out there sharing the spotlight. But who knows? I would have thought he would have waited to opt out and not steal the spotlight from the Red Sox.
Man, what a doosh.