Thursday, October 18, 2007

Torre Era Draws To A Close

It's official. The Joe Torre era is officially dead. The Yankees offered up a deal and Torre turned it down. The deal was for a guaranteed $5 million with the option of earning another $3 million in incentives, a million each for reaching the playoffs, advancing to the ALCS, and then to the World Series. As far as I'm concerned, that's a pretty good deal from a financial standpoint, even for Torre. But, the deal was only for 1 year, and therein lies the problem. Joe wanted more years, and if you ask me, he deserved to get them. I can totally understand why each side did what they did, and I can understand why they'll now part ways.
My final take on this deal was that Torre got a little screwed and didn't get the respect he deserved. By offering him a year, the Yankees knew Torre would turn it down, and in the end, they get they wanted, a new skipper. They "sort of" saved face, but everybody knows the deal was a BS offer. I'm sure Joe had no beef with the salary structure but there was no way he was signing on for a 1 year deal. He deserved more than that and if they really wanted him back they would have gone at least 2 years. Bravo Yankee brass. You got what you wanted. But at what expense? Time will tell how much of a price this turns out to be. The odds of bringing back A-Rod, Mo, and Jorgie just took a significant hit.
It's going to be a very interesting couple of weeks. Oh the humanity. All I can say now is please bring in Girardi. I love Donnie to death but he's not ready for this.