Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Add This To Your Vocabulary

The other day I came up with a new phrase. Granted somebody out there has probably used this phrase before but I've never heard it, so I'm taking all the credit.
Last week the missus was down in our basement breaking down cardboard boxes that needed to be hauled to the street so they could be recycled. It was a job I was supposed to do, but hey, I'm a little lazy and she got tired of seeing the boxes pile up and asking me to do it so she just did it herself. This kind of thing happens a lot but my laziness isn't the point. So anyway, I walked into the basement and she was just about done, and I said to her:
"You want me to Mariano that for you?"
Pure gold. I don't know where it came from. The sentence just flowed naturally out of my mouth as if I had spoken that way for years. And if you need me to explain what that means then you shouldn't be visiting Yankee blogs.
So what do you guys think? Am I a genius or highly delusional?
3 weeks until pitchers and catchers!!