Friday, January 25, 2008

Time For A Road Trip

Not much going on out there in Yankeeland. The Yanks and Cano look like they're about to reach an agreement on a 4-year deal. That's great news. Cano has shown he's got a great stroke at the plate and his defense has improved each year. Nice move by the Bombers.
Me and 2 friends are heading down to Williamsport, PA ( 4 hour drive) tomorrow for the 15th Annual Mike Mussina Fan Club Appreciation Dinner. For those not familiar with Moose's fan club it kind of runs like this. You pay $28.95/yr to join. He sends you some cool stuff (an autographed 8x10 being my fave) and twice a year he has "meet and greets" with the members. The M&Gs are held in Baltimore and in NY. You basically buy tickets to the game and get to meet Moose beforehand, assuming of course he isn't pitching. And then every winter on the weekend before the Super Bowl, he invites everyone to the annual dinner, cost is $35/person and you can bring 2 guests. This is the first year I've been a member and I haven't attended this event yet but from what I gather it's a pretty good time. And if any members of the MMFC happen to check this post out, let me know if I'm off on my details.
I'm pretty geeked up about going actually. It should be a great time. I've been looking forward to it since I joined. When am i going to get the opportunity to hang out with a major leaguer?? I know there's a Q&A with Moose. He visits and spends time with everyone. And there's also a silent auction. I'm bringing some cheddar and I plan on winning something.
Anybody know of any other guys that do this with their fans? Moose is a class act. It's one of the many reasons I'm a fan.
Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

so how was the event? i'm a big mussina fan and i actually sent them a check a couple days ago to jojn the club. is it worth the four hours? i mean just by actually getting to meet mussina alone is awesome. e-mail me at with your response if you want

Anonymous said...

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