Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Need Of Some Advice

Hey everyone. I have a dilemma and I don't know what to do about it. Here's my problem: I don't know if i want to root for Team USA to win tonight and move on to the semifinals of the WBC. I obviously want them to win, but I have some selfish reasons not too.

If you've been keeping on the blog, you know I came back from Toronto with a baseball signed by the entire Team USA squad. Dustin Pedroia was replaced on the roster by Brian Roberts due to an injury, so now my ball is technically incomplete. If they make it to the semis, they'll probably replace Chipper Jones with Evan Longoria, and Matt Lindstrom with a reliever. Ryan Braun could also get replaced though it's doubtful. Barring any other injuries, worse case scenario is I'd need to get 4 more guys to sign the ball to have the whole team. If they lose, I can live with Roberts being the only guy I need. I could pull off a trip to Toronto at some point to try and get him. It gets a little tougher when more teams are involved, especially if it's a National League club. Not to mention, there isn't exactly a lot of open real estate on the ball as it is. Am I making sense?

So here's what I'm faced with: Root for them to lose and have 1 guy missing on the ball or root for them to win and have to get what's looking like 3-4 guys on the ball. It will bother me if I never fully complete the ball. I'd love it if they won it all and I had a ball signed by the entire team, but getting 4 guys on it is going to be tough. Really really tough.

What would you be pulling for if you were me? Would you even bother with the replacements? Would it bother you if you didn't have them all on the ball? Thanks and I appreciate the insight.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I would say that as long as one is missing you should have no problem going all the way. At least then you could always try to add them on later. If you tried hard enough it probably wouldn't be that tough.

J-Boogie said...

It looks like they've added Evan Longoria so as of now I'll have 2 to run down. That's doable. I'm hoping they don't add any more.