Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joba Goes 4, Needs To Go More, Yanks Lose 7-3

Due to the super long rain delay last night, I didn't get to listen to the whole game. I had it on my XM and I think I fell asleep sometime around the 4th inning. The Yanks were down 3-0. Within about 48 seconds of waking up, I was on my laptop checking the score. 7-3 Rangers. Bummer. I pulled up the box score expecting to see that the Yanks were down 7-0 and scored 3 late runs. I was surprised to see they tied things up but then blew it. Since I didn't see the game I don't have a lot to say about it. Here are some quickies:

  • Joba needs to be better than he was. 4 innings isn't going to cut it. I get that he was possibly thrown off by the long rain delay, but he's pitching at the highest level and he should be able to deal with that. He threw 84 pitches, 46 for strikes, which is 54.8% of his pitches. That's not good. Joba needs to throw more strikes and stay in the game longer. The Yankee bullpen isn't good and the Yankee starters need to go as deep as possible.
  • 9 hits plus 4 walks plus 5 stolen bases shouldn't equal 3 runs. Not an efficient night at the plate. 3 DPs and 2 for 12 with RISP won't get it done. Those games will happen. You just hope when it does that the pitcher keeps it close.
  • Anybody know why Girardi went to Aceves and not Wang? I like Aceves and all but he pitched the night before and I'm confused why Wang wasn't the go-to guy? Girardi has made some very questionable moves lately. It's easy to second guess him on this one because it didn't work out. I know Chien-Ming has been far from good this season, but I thought he was going to be the long-man with Hughes pitching well. I'm puzzled by the move, but I get it. I don't necessarily think it was the wrong call. I just wonder why he didn't go to Wang.
  • I liked the lineup last night. I liked seeing Swisher in the 8 hole. If he's going to continue to walk and not hit, that's where he needs to be. He's not knocking in the runs. He came up short yesterday in his 2 big chances. He whiffed with a runner on 2nd and nobody out in the 6th. An inning later, he grounded into an inning-ending DP with the bases loaded. I would almost prefer to see Swisher bat 9th, especially in games when Cervelli starts. His does get on base and that will benefit the guys at the top of the order. Cervelli is doing pretty well at the dish and I think could knock in a few. He's knocked on 4 in 40 ABS, batting at the bottom of the order. Swish has knocked in 8 in 67 ABs batting closer to the middle. Cisco's average is 78 points higher than Swisher's. What can it hurt? The only hiccup in the plan is the severity of Melky's injury. Hopefully, he just misses 1 game. If it's longer, you almost have to bat Swisher 7th as you can't really bat Cervelli or Gardner in the 7 spot. We'll see.

A.J. Burnett goes tonight and he really needs to come up big. He's winless in his last 7 starts. He really needs to get things going. Here's something I heard today that really makes me sad. CC Sabathia leads the Yankees with 4 wins. Carl Pavano has 5 under his belt. I think I just vomited in my mouth.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,