Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things That Make Me Sick

The following things makes me instantly want to hurl:

  1. Jonathan Albaladejo
  2. Mark Melancon (they're called strikes Mark. Try throwing some!)
  3. Joe Girardi's management of the Yankee bullpen
  4. The inconsistency of the Yankee bullpen
  5. Drew Barrymore
  6. Mark Teixeira hitting below 200 (he struck out 23 times in 193 ABs with the Angels, he's struck out 17 times in 86 ABs with the Yankees)
  7. Selena Roberts
  8. Losing to the Red Sox (again and again and again)




Anonymous said...

J-Boogie -
Who are you? Do you understand the YEARS of work that are put in by these players? Obviously not. You have probably never played 1 day of an organized sport. People that sit on the sidelines and criticize make me sick. You have way too much time on your hands. Get a life.

J-Boogie said...

Anonymous - Who am I? That's a good question. I am merely a fan of a sports team. I've actually never met any fan of a sports team who didn't have negative opinions about a team's or a player's play at some point. I think if you don't have issues with things, you're not a fan. You're a spectator that doesn't care about the outcome. If you consider yourself a fan, I'd like to know you express your feelings about your team's poor performance. Please share.

I absolutely understand all the work that these guys put in. Which is exactly why, at times -- such as right after that game, I have issues with their performance. These guys are playing at the highest level there is. They should be able to throw strikes when they need to. They should be able to hit the ball at an average above 200. Major league managers shouldn't make boneheaded moves. You'd think with the YEARS of work they've put in, they'd be able to do these things.

And I have played several orgainzed sports in my life, most notably baseball, from tee-ball through varsity in high school. I've watched 1000s of games and know what a major leaguer should be able to do with some regularity.

Thank you for commenting. Feel free to come back and criticize me at any time.