Friday, December 4, 2009

My 2009 Predictions (Revisited)

I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks now but am only now getting around to it. Time to take a look back at the predictions I made for the 2009 season.

Here's how I predicted each division, along with their W/L records:

AL East:

  1. Boston Red Sox 95-67 (win head-to-head vs. Yankees 10-8) - finished 2nd 95-67
  2. New York Yankees 95-67 -finished 1st 103-59
  3. Tampa Bay Rays 89-73 - finished 3rd 84-78
  4. Toronto Blue Jays 82-80 - finished 4th 75-87
  5. Baltimore Orioles 65-97 - finished 5th 64-98

AL Central:

  1. Cleveland Indians 86-76 - finished tied 4th 65-97
  2. Chicago White Sox 84-78 - finished 3rd 79-83
  3. Minnesota Twins 84-78 - finished 1st 87-76
  4. Kansas City Royals 79-83 - finished tied 4th 65-97
  5. Detroit Tigers 78-84 - finished 2nd 86-77

AL West

  1. LA Angels 98-64 - finished 1st 97-65
  2. Oakland A's 83-79 - finished 4th 75-87
  3. Texas Rangers 77-85 finished 2nd 87-75
  4. Seattle Mariners 66-96 finished 3rd 85-77

NL East:

  1. New York Mets 92-70 -finished 4th 70-62
  2. Philadelphia Phillies 91-71 - finished 1st 93-69
  3. Atlanta Braves 86-76 - finished 3rd 86-76
  4. Florida Marlins 80-82 - finished 2nd 87-75
  5. Washington Nationals 55-107 - finished 5th 59-103

NL Central:

  1. Chicago Cubs 99-63 - finished 2nd 83-78
  2. Milwaukee Brewers 88-74 - finished 3rd 80-82
  3. St. Louis Cardinals 81-81 - finished 1st 91-71
  4. Cincinnati Reds 81-81 - finished 4th 78-84
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates 74-88 - finished 6th 62-99
  6. Houston Astros 72-90 - finished 5th 74-88

NL West:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 89-73 - finished 1st 95-67
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks 83-79 - finished 5th 70-92
  3. San Fransisco Giants 80-82 - finished 3rd 88-74
  4. Colorado Rockies 77-85 - finished 2nd 92-70
  5. San Diego Padres 63-99 - finished 4th 75-87

I didn't do so hot, eh? I only had 2 records right (Boston and Atlanta). I only had 9 teams in their correct spots (Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore, KC, LA Angels, Atlanta, Washington, Cincinnati, and the LA Dodgers). Most of those 9 were givens. I guess the best prediction I made was with the Atlanta Braves. I totally missed the boat on a bunch of 'em (Cleveland, Detroit, Seattle, NY Mets, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Colorado, and San Diego). I was within 5 games up or down on 11 teams. I have no idea if that's good or bad. I had 2 division winners correct (LA Angels and LA Dodgers).

I didn't too much better with the playoffs:

ALDS: Yankees over Angels in 5, Red Sox over Indians in 4
NLDS: Cubs over Phillies in 5, Dodgers over Mets in 3
ALCS: Yankees over Red Sox in 6
NLCS: Dodgers over Cubs in 7
World Series: Get the Canyon of Heroes ready, Yankees over Dodgers in 5

I had 2 division winners correct (LA Angels and LA Dodgers) but they didn't finish in their correct playoff spot. I had 5 of the 8 teams right albeit none were correct. I did get the World Champion right though! Yay me. Here's what I had said at the time: I'm not trying to be a Yankee homer. I think they have a great offense and the best rotation in MLB. I think in the end they'll outlast the Sox. Nailed it.

I also predicted who I thought would win the major postseason awards:

AL MVP: Kevin Youkilis (finished 6th in voting)
ML MVP: Manny Ramirez (no votes)
AL Cy Young: Mariano Rivera w/no blown saves an an ERA under 1.00. (No votes, 44 of 46 in SV opportunities)
NL Cy Young: Cole Hamels (wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong)
AL ROY: Rick Porcello (finsihed 3rd in voting)
NL ROY: Cameron Maybin (no votes - only had 176 ABs)
AL Manager of the Year: Terry Francona (no votes)
NL Manager of the Year: Lou Pinella (no votes)

Man, I suck at this, don't I? I also made 2 other predictions:

There will be 2 no-hitters this year and no perfect games. (So close. Jonathan Sanchez = no hitter & Mark Buehrle = perfect game)
The AL will (again) beat the NL in the All-star game. (Nailed it!)

Overall, I didn't do too well. Hopefully I'll do a little better next year. I did get the most important one right though. Yankees = World Champs! That one makes the rest forgettable.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Rob A from BBD said...

I mean, you didn't do terribly. This stuff is very hard to predict. It just goes to show how little they mean really.