Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome Back Nick Johnson? So Long Johnny Damon? Trade Nick Swisher?

There are various reports out floating around out there that the Yankees are on the verge of signing former Yankee Nick Johnson to a 1-year deal for a reported $5.5MM. I didn't see that coming but I can get behind it, sort of.

Johnson is a first baseman. The Yankees already have one of those in Mark Teixeira and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Johnson's role would have to be as a DH with the occasional spot start at 1B to give Tex a little breather. Hmm, interesting. The Yankees let Hideki Matsui walk and they bring in Nick Johnson. Matsui signed a 1-year deal with the Angels for $6.5 million and the Yanks sign Johnson for $5.5 million. I'm sorry but for the extra million, I'm taking Matsui. I know Matsui has bad knees and can't really play the field anymore, but it's not like Nick Johnson is the poster boy for being healthy. Nick missed all of 2007, played in 38 games in 2008, and in 133 in 2009. Both bring a lot to the table offensively. I think Matsui is capable of bringing a little more. He hits for a higher average and has a little more pop in his bat. I like Godzilla swinging for the fences in Yankee Stadium than I do Nick Johnson. Johnson gets on base a lot (career OBP of .402) and that's awesome, but I still prefer Matsui, especially if we're only talking about a million bucks. i think the Yanks made a mistake here.

If the Johnson signing goes through, which it probably will, Johnny Damon's time with the Yankees may be coming to an end. The Yankees have their OF right now (Granderson, Melky, Swisher, Gardner) and Johnson would be the DH. Sorry Johnny, but right now, the inn is closed. I suppose there's still a possibility that Johnny returns. I would love to see Cashman trade Nick Swisher and resign Damon. Damon could play LF and Melky could play RF. I have to think Cash is at least kicking the tires on this. There was a rumor floating around that Damon was seeking at least $13 million per year and that claim is now being denied by Scott Boras. If the money works out, I hope they find a way to bring Johnny back. Sign Johnny and trade "The Rally Killer" aka Nick Swisher. Swisher is due $6.75MM this year and $9MM in 2011. If you can get Damon for 1-2 years at $10 per, I jump all over it. Assuming of course that Cashman can find a home for Swisher. God, I hope this happens. I'm not a Swisher guy. Deal him.

Is it time for pitchers and catchers to report yet?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Anonymous said...

You're not a Swisher guy ?? don't like his power, his ability to work the count, his high BB total, his personality that brought a HUGE change in the clubhouse...ALL these things that helped the Yankees win the World Series.....You don't like these things ??

J-Boogie said...

I can't say that I am. I do like those things, don't get me wrong, but I can't get past his inability to hit with RISP and I'm just not a fan of "The Rally Killer".

Anonymous said...
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