Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wood In, Park Out, Me A Happy Camper

Got a text alert while at my company's annual summer picnic advising me that the Yankees acquired RP Kerry Wood from the Indians in exchange for a PTBNL. Just found out that to make room for Wood they DFA'd Chan Ho Park. Like the other two deadline deals the Yankees have made, it works for me.

Park was a disaster for the Yankees. It should come as no surprise that they let him go. Now Kerry Wood hasn't exactly been rock solid in recent years. In fact he's been far from it. It's such a low-risk high-reward move that you have to be a fan of it. In the end this is basically going to cost the Yankees very little. Wood is definitely an upgrade to Park. Winner winner chicken dinner.

I'd have to say that the Yankees were definitely one of the trade deadline winners. They grabbed an everyday impact bat, a veteran bat off the bench, and slightly upgrade the bullpen. Not bad for 2 minor leaguers and 2 PTBNLs. Nice job Cashman. The moves make the best team in baseball a little better. Yankee fans should be very pleased. If you're not, I'd love to hear why.

Girardi has Berkman hitting 2nd tonight. I probably would have hit him 6th behind Cano but that's just me. The 2-hole, while not the ideal spot for him in my opinion, works. Let's hope he delivers.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,