Friday, July 30, 2010

Yankees Close To Getting Adam Dunn? Maybe Berkman?

Just heard a rumor that the Yankees may be close to trading for Adam Dunn. After the cliff Lee deal fell through, I'll believe it when I see it.

Personally, I'd love to see Dunn in a Yankee uniform. Sure he Ks a lot but you can't deny that he's an OBP machine who hits for a lot of power. Being a lefty in Yankee Stadium wouldn't hurt either. Dunn is a career .251 hitter but has exceeded that significantly in the last 2 seasons. His career OBP is .382 and his career slugging is .523 (career OPS = .905). Dunn's bat would be a welcomed opinion to the Yankee lineup.

The other name I've heard floated around is the Astros' Lance Berkman. Umm, yes please. Berkman is another guy I'd like to see in a Yankee uniform. He's a lot like Dunn. A little older sure, but very similar offensively. He's probably better. Well, he's definitely better. He doesn't K as much as Dunn and hits for a better average (.296 career). His career OPS is higher than Dunn's @ .959. Sign me up.

I just checked MLBTradeRumors to get the latest scoop and it's all rumor at this point. Peter Gammons says that "The Rays are convinced that the Yankees will acquire Dunn." Joel Sherman (what a douche) says the "Yankees are taking a long hard look at Berkman," and "Berkman would accept a deal to the Yankees." Typical chatter for this time of year. I've learned my lesson with Cliff Lee. Until it's announced anything can happen.

I'm all for bringing in either of these guys, if of course as Drew Carey would say, if the price is right. The Yankees have scored the most runs in MLB and don't need these guys. They'd be nice to have but I wouldn't sell off top prospects for them. But that's me. I've said before that prospects are nothing more than that, prospects. I'd always prefer proven talent to prospects. Assuming there's a need for the proven talent that is. I wouldn't say there is at this point so I'm interested to see/hear who they're discussing. Assuming of course the Yankees are having discussions on these guys. I'm sure a lot of what we hear around the deadline is made up fodder designed to garner page hits. Not surprised if nothing is cooking.

Deadline is tomorrow at 4pm. We'll find out soon enough.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,