Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Hate It When I'm Wrong

After the Yankees came back from 5 runs down to beat the Rangers I blogged that the series was pretty much over and that the Rangers were done. It was such a devastating way to lose that I was sure that the Yankees were going to walk all over them. I was wrong. Today's Rangers victory pretty much wiped all of that out. The momentum has definitely shifted. The Rangers are very much alive. The Yankees have a fight on their hands.

I was also dead wrong about how I viewed the pitching matchups. CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes have both looked terrible. I thought the Yankees had the distinct advantage in this series when it came to the pitching matchups. So far, not so much. I'm hoping that the trend of me being wrong continues for at least one more game. I blogged that the Rangers had the advantage in game 3 with Cliff Lee starting. Maybe the Yankees will put a hurting on him. Fingers crossed.

All things considered I'm pretty happy that the Yankees are leaving Texas with a split. Leaving up 2-0 would have been ideal but winning one on the road is still big. You can't win the series if you don't win on the road. The Yankees have done that. The Rangers haven't. Advantage Yankees. The boys could also very easily be down 2 games to none. I'll happily take 1-1. Even if the Yankees lose in game 3 I'm still feeling confident they'll put this one out. Hopefully I'm right on that one.

A lot of wasted opportunities today. There's a lot of room for improvement across the board. They've got a day to figure it out. I'm really looking forward to game 3. I'd love for the Yankees to sweep these next 3. It would mean that they'd be back in the World Series and it would mean no more frigging antlers. Yeah, I'm sorry. That's pretty dumb. Real teams don't need gimmicks and real fans don't need props to support their team. Last year it was the thundersticks, this year it's the towels. Very lame. Use your hands and your mouths like real fans.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



John Collins said...

Hey Jay,

Enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the games. Keep the rally baby handy for Game 3!