Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knee Surgery For CC

Story this morning from the NY Post dropping the bomb that CC Sabathia needs knee surgery. When I saw the headline I was like, "Woah." When I read the article I was like, "Eh, that's not so bad." According to the report, CC has a minor meniscus tear in the right knee. Per the article, the Yankees don't feel it's a significant procedure and recovery should take about 3 weeks. If the recovery time is indeed that short CC will be ready in plenty of time for Opening Day. Hopefully this is a no harm no foul type of situation.

Two questions immediately come to mind. How long has CC had knee trouble? Will this have a lingering effect on a guy of CC's size? Answer to first question: probably a while I would guess. I'm sure it had some impact on his postseason. Not saying it's the reason he didn't pitch as well as expected but I'm sure the problem didn't sprout up after the ALCS. The answer to the 2nd question we might not like the answer to. There's no real way of knowing. Odds are that CC will be perfectly fine. But he's a big dude and his right knee is on his landing leg so it's going to get pounded. The article talks a little about CC's "weight and workload." Both certainly will have an impact on the long-term effects this knee problem has. Do the math: 200+ innings at 290 or so pounds can certainly equal knee problems. It's amazing he hasn't had any yet. Prediction: it will be a non-issue. Though I'd be lying if I said wasn't a tiny bit concerned.

This also makes me wonder who else was playing hurt??

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



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