Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yankees Take Game 1 Over Twins In ALDS

It's late and one of my kids will without a doubt be waking me up by 5:30 so I'm making this quick. here goes, buckle up.

  • Big win tonight. Huge to take a game on the road especially in game 1 against their ace.
  • CC wasn't great but he was definitely good. Not vintage CC but he pitched well enough and deserved the W. He almost blew it in a painful 6th inning but the team picked him up.
  • Mariano Rivera is God. Do I need to expand on that? No.
  • Took awhile for the offense to get going but they came through and picked up CC. Teixeira's blast sealed the deal. Gotta love getting a Tex-message.
  • Can't believe how bad the umpires continue to be. They want nothing to do with instant replay but you wouldn't know it from the terrible calls. That non-out in the 9th was an obvious catch. Can't believe a 6-man crew couldn't get that one right. Actually, I can.
  • TBS is terrible. Can't stand their broadcasts. Craig Sager has to be color blind, right?
  • Pettitte vs. Pavano tomorrow. Last thing that can happen tomorrow is Pavano pitching a decent game. I'm hoping Yankees made right call by starting Pettitte over Hughes. We'll see. I would have gone with Phil.
  • Roy Halladay is the man. Best pitcher in the game without question.

First pitch tomorrow @ 6pm. Leaving Minnesota up 2-0 would be killer. Take it to 'em Andy.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



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The Twins had a golden opportunity to take the lead in the series last night against the Yankees. They had the lead and let is slip away and then in the 8th inning just couldnt convert with two men on. The Yankees now have some momentum and given recent history they really have a huge advantage over the Twins mentally.