Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Of The Same As Yankees Lose To Tigers

Work totally beat me down today. So much so that I forgot that the Yankees were playing this afternoon. By the time I remembered it was too late. I pulled the game up on the radio and there was one out in the top of the ninth. I was so bummed that I missed it. Wanting to know what I missed I went to the one place where I could easily get that information: Twitter.

I asked my followers to tweet me a summary of the game. Here are some of the replies I got, all in 140 characters or less:

YankeeGirl226: You missed nothing.
Sward92151: it sucked-no hits,bad fielding, chavez broken foot
Yankee Princesa: More of the same, no timely hitting, pitching fell apart late in the game and we lost Chavez in the process.
Maddym21: AJ did well up until the 7th. Offense sucked. Nuñez sucked at SS. That's all.
Dizzydolse: injury to Chavez, errors by Nunez, no offense again and decent but not good enough pitching equals 6-3 loss and Valverde dance
TheRealMBB: Pretty much Nunez's arm killed Burnett's great outing. Five runs on three hits, only two of them earned!
SherriPizza: It sucked.

Thanks guys for summing that up for me. It's appreciated. So basically here's the way it went down. Burnett pitched well. The offense sucked. Eduardo Nunez can't throw the ball. Eric Chavez got hurt.

I looked at the box score as soon as I turned the game on and I immediately could see that 3 of those things happened. Burnett's pitching line was solid. That's encouraging. You shouldn't lose that many games when you allow 3 hits and 1 walk over 7 IPs. I'd almost call him a hard luck loser. But again, I'm encouraged that he pitched well.

I also noticed that only 2 of the 5 runs Burnett gave up were earned. Quick scan of the box score and I see Nunez made 2 errors. That gives him 5 on the season. His fielding percentage this year as a SS is .615. Come again? I didn't even know it was that possible to have a fielding percentage that low. That needs to change real quick.

It appears Eric Chavez is headed to the DL with a fractured bone in his left foot. That sucks. Chavez has been doing it on both sides of the field. He's hitting .303 and has a slick glove to go with it. It looks like Ramiro Pena is coming up to fill in for him. Thankfully it's just to back up A-Rod because the last thing the Yankees need is someone that doesn't hit the ball that well.

This makes 3 straight losses for the Yankees. For the most part that all falls on the shoulders of the offense. In those 3 losses the Yankees scored a total of 5 runs. Houston we have a problem. As a team the Yankees are hitting .251. That ranks 14th out of the 30 MLB teams. They're struggling. That's for sure. They're now off to Texas to play the Rangers. Rangers Ballpark is a hitter-friendly park. It would be nice to see the bats wake up for this series. Here's hoping that they do.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,