Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yankees Offense Absent In 4-0 Loss To Tigers

I had the full intention of watching tonight's Yankees/Tigers game but I opted not to after shortly after I turned it on. I flipped the TV to the game after one of the bedtime shows my kids watched ended just to get a quick update. I saw one pitch. It was the first and only pitch to Magglio Ordonez. He put it in the seats for a 2-run HR. After that I turned the TV off and got my kids ready for bed. When I finished my daddy duties I went back to the game. First pitch I see is an Alex Avila double. Woah. I see 2 pitches and neither yields a good result. Being the superstitious dude that I am I flipped the game off. I wasn't having any of that.

As it turns out staying away from the game did not help the Yankees at all. But it didn't make it worse. The game ended with the Yankees losing 4-0. I followed along a little bit online as I listened to the new Beastie Boys album (it's great - get it). The game was pretty uneventful and I'm glad I didn't watch because it would have been very frustrating. The Yankees offense is quite simply horrible and more often that not it seems that as a team they're struggling at the plate. They managed only 4 hits tonight and struck out 11 times. That's pretty brutal. Nobody is hitting either. Cano, Martin, and Teixeira are the only 3 hitting above .260. Hey Kevin Long!! Get to work my man!!

I'll give it up to Freddy Garcia tonight. Well, sort of. I was surprised when I saw that he was still pitching in the 8th. He didn't start out that great but it looks like he settled in right after I flipped the game off. Coincidence? Maybe. He allowed 8 hits and struck out 2 when I was "watching" and allowed 2 hits and struck out 6 when I wasn't. Hmm. Maybe I was bad mojo. If only yhr Yankees offense could have done something. Props to Freddy for battling.

Day game tomorrow. That sucks. I hate day games. Work always gets in the way of paying attention to it. Hopefully I can figure out a way to give it a listen. Hopefully the Yankees can figure out a way to hit the ball. They're too good not to.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,