Friday, December 7, 2007

Trivia Contest: Win A Yankeeography DVD Box Set

**updated on 12/7 @ 10am - Contest closes in 7 hours.
**updated on 12/5 @ 2:45pm- Still plenty of time to enter!!
**updated on 12/4 @ 10:45am- I made a correction to question # 4. it was meant to be what 4 managers have 1000 wins with the team, not 3. And I can't post comments from work so I wanted to update that Beth did not get them all correct so the contest is still going.
While we deliberate over who won the 1st DVD box set (coutresy of the A&E Store), I figured what better time to start the contest to give away the 2nd of 5 Yankeeography DVD Box Sets.
This time it's a trivia contest. The first person to correctly answer all 10 questions wins the set. In the event no one gets all 10 correct, the person with the most correct will win. in the event of a tie, the person who submitted their answers first will win. Deadline to get the answers in will be Friday @ 5pm EST, but the contest will end when someone gets them all right. 1 entry per person. Please e-mail your answers to me using the e-mail address listed under "e-mail me."
1)In 2005, 26 of A-Rod's 48 HRs came at Yankee Stadium, breaking the franchise record of 19 by a right-handed hitter at home. Name the duo that held the previous mark?
2)In 2005, A-Rod became the youngest player to hit 400 HRs. Whose record did he surpass?
3)In 2005, Joe Torre became only the 4th manager in Major League history to win 90-or-more games nine times in a span of 10 seasons. Name the other 3.
4)Name the 4 Yankees managers with over 1000 wins with the team?
5)Name the Yankee player who led the AL with a 20-game road hitting streak in 2005?
6)Hideki Matusi's 330 RBI in his 1st 3 seasons (2003-05) is the second highest total of any Yankees player over the first 3 seasons in the major leagues. Who holds the team mark for the most RBI is their first 3 seasons?
7)Who holds the Yankees franchise record for most sacrifice flies?
8)Who holds the franchise record for most appearances by a pitcher over a 2 year period?
9)Who is the Yankees all-time leader in sacrifice hits?
10)Who holds the franchise record for drawing the most intentional walks?
Thanks for playing. Keep checking back as I have 3 more sets to giveaway.