Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yankeeography Winner #3

And the winner of the 3rd Yankeeography DVD Box Set is contestant #14, William Mehlman. 15 #s went into a hat and the wife picked out #14. Thanks to everyone for entering and congrats to William.
I still have 2 more box sets to give away. I will probably start the 4th contest tomorrow. It will be the contest suggested by the winner of the 1st contest Dominick. In short, I need you to tell me "how much you love the Yankees." As Dominick suggested, "You can collect stories of the craziest things fans have done to publicly declare their love for the NY Yankees i.e. tattoos, painting their car in pinstripes, canceling a wedding to watch the playoffs, whatever. You can then sift through the stories and come up with and publish on this blog what you think is the best story and give the winner the DVDs."
I'll probably go live with the contest tomorrow night so start thinking.