Friday, December 28, 2007

Why People Hate The Yankees

When I logged out of my Hotmail account today, as always, I was redirected to the homepage, where a link caught my eye. "Ex-Yankee hero charged in DUI death." If you haven't heard, Jim Leyritz was involved in a tragic accident that claimed the life of a 30-year old woman. Tragic, very tragic.
But what I want to know, other than what was Leyritz thinking, is why does he have to be labeled an "ex-Yankee" in the link? Even though most of his 11 year career was spent with the Yankees, Leyritz played for 6 teams over his 11 year career. Why couldn't the link have said, "Ex-MLB player in jail for DUI death." To me that would make more sense. Why does it always have to be about the Yankees? What else is new, right? Definitely a head-shaker.
I'll be back more regularly after the new year, when I'll give away the last of 5 Yankeeography DVD sets. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and has a safe and health new year!