Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yankeeography DVD Winner #1

The vote is in and the winner of the 1st Yankeeography DVD Box Set giveaway contest is.....drum roll please ..... baruddaduddaduddaduddaduddaduddaduddada .... DJL804. Congratulations. The wife and in-laws were split between 2 of your suggestions. My mother in-law was a fan of the "favorite Yankee memory" contest, and my wife and her dad liked the "how much do I love the Yankees" idea. So that will be a later contest. Though I'm not exactly sure how to tell that everyone is honest with their "story." I suppose there'd need to be some form of verifiable proof.
I don't want to discount the suggestion from Redsunkktt. It was one of my favorites. At first, they weren't sure what it was, so I showed them the pictures I made of Manjaya. They thought it would be funny, but I think they thought it'd be too difficult for everyone to do. I remember how hard it was to do those 2 pictures of Manjaya being a Photoshop newbie. I think that led them away from the selection.
Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. Don't forget that there's still 4 sets to giveaway. Currently there's a trivia contest going on. Still plenty of time to get your answers in.
DJL, you've got mail.