Friday, November 14, 2008

CC = Crazy Cheddar

According to various sources, like Pete Abe, the Yankees have reportedly offered CC Sabathia a 6 year deal worth $140 million. Hot damn that be a lot of coin. The offer surpasses the record offer that the Mets gave Johan Santana last year by a cool 2.5 million. I think it's safe to say that the Yankees mean business. Can anyone really see any other team out there even coming close to that? I can see someone stepping in to possibly drive up the final price but I don't think anyone wants to, or even can, drop that much money on CC. I think it's a matter of time before this deal gets done. I can't see this dragging out much longer than the middle of next week. I think the Yanks were smart to strike early. It kind of puts pressure on CC to make his intentions known rather quickly. If he's not interested, it's best the Yankees find this out sooner rather than later as they can move that money on to other resources. I don't see the Yankees leaving this deal on he table for long. The ball is in CC's court and the only reason I can't see him signing with NY is if he really has no desire whatsoever to play on the east coast.

If you ask me, and why would you, I'm glad that things didn't work out last offseason with Johan Santana. A year goes by and we could get the lefty for pretty much the same money without having to lose 3 prospects. Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer Johan over CC every day of the week. But not for an additional 3 prospects. I'm glad the Yanks rolled the dice and waited the year. Now all they have to do is wrap this up.

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm pretty giddy over this. I don't see how this won't happen, and that kind of worries me. A part of me is expecting the rug to be pulled out from under me at the last second. Hopefully, it's over quickly and the Yanks git-r-done.

On a personal note, in case anyone was wondering, I had my follow-up visit with the doc today and I do have diverticulitis, which is manageable as long as I stay away from certain foods. My 2 favorite snacks are sunflower seeds and popcorn, both of which are now no-nos, and both are probably largely to blame for having diverticulitis in the first place. The CT scan did show something else though my doctor wasn't really sure what it was or meant so I have to see a Gastroenterologist. He said it was some kind of hardening/thickening of my gastric mucosa, which is some mucusy thing that is basically my stomach lining. It's not causing any discomfort and it's probably nothing, but s they say, better safe than sorry. So I'm getting it checked out by an expert. Hakuna matata.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Jason said...

I agree about the purpose of the big offer, J-Boogie. Surely this was meant to relegate the bidding to a couple teams, and I really like the Yanks' aggressiveness in pursuing Sabathia. I doubt that he'd sign for much less than $140 million anyway, and I'm thrilled that the Yankees showed more than interest but big commitment to the big guy.

I sure am sorry that you've been sick, J-Boogie. as a fellow popcorn lover, if someone told me I had to give up the corn, I'd cry. Seriously. But health is more important, and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers for yours. Keep us posted.