Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Waiting.....

I'll bet based on the title of this post that I'm referring to CC Sabathia. While true, I am waiting for him to accept the Yankees mega-offer, I'm more interested to know what's going on with my man Mike Mussina. I thought for sure this was something Mike would have decided and made public long ago. Quite honestly, I would have thought had he wanted to retire, he would have done so already. Considering that he's yet to decide, I'm starting to think that the odds of Moose pitching in 2009 are increasing with each passing day.

I can understand why he filed for free agency. It only makes sense that he's keeping his options open. It also makes a little sense that Mike would want to wait to see what kind of interest there is in teams taking on his services. But still, the fact that he hasn't officially retired yet makes me think he's not going to. I sent his agent, Arn Tellem, an e-mail on Saturday night asking for an update (figured why not) and have yet to (and probably won't) receive a reply. In short, I asked what's Moose doing and have any teams expressed interest in him. Hey, it never hurts to ask.

I'm thinking that we'll hear something from Moose sometime this week. I haven't seen anything about this but I'd have to think the Yankees have had some contact with him. I get the sense that BC would like Moose back in Pinstripes. They pretty much have a slam dunk in Andy Pettitte and could have signed him prior to 11/14 but they didn't. That makes me think they're looking at other options. Then again, they always could have signed Moose by 11/14 if he was interested in pitching. Who knows? Right now, we can only speculate and there isn't much to go on. I, for one, want to see Moose back in Pinstripes. Hopefully, something comes out on his plans soon.

Who knows? Maybe his agent will respond to my inquiry and I'll be able to break the news. How cool would that be?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


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I'd like to see Moose back too, but I doubt it'll happen. On the other hand, he's taking a long time to decide. Wonder if he's having second thoughts. Or third.