Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Media Loves To Beat A Dead Horse

I received a text alert from ESPN today that read, "Yanks reiterate policy against extensions, to deal with D. Jeter, M. Rivera, J. Girardi after season." WTF?

Wasn't this established weeks ago. Didn't all parties involved acknowledge the policy and that there was no beef with it? Talk about beating a dead horse. There's an article on ESPN's website that goes along with it. It sounds like someone asked Hal Steinbrenner about it following a press conference the team had about the first ever "Pinstripe Bowl."

I don't understand what the media is trying to do here. This has been discussed and the matter should be closed. What's the point of continuing to ask about it and trying to make a story out of nothing? Are you guys really that hard up for a few web hits that you have to rehash the same story over and over again? How about being creative and writing about, I don't know, the Pinstripe Bowl. The team holds a press conference for the bowl and the only mention of it has to do with where Little Stein made the comments. Epic fail guys. No wonder guys like David Segui and Pat Hentgen get HOF votes.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,