Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A-Rod Is Shuffling Off To Buffalo

One of my in-laws neighbors had a crazy thing happen to them today. They had a baby and it was delivered on one of the major roadways here in Buffalo. I guess the little bugger didn't want to wait until they got to the hospital. Anyway, the story was supposed to be on the news tonight. Not wanting to wait for the broadcast, I went to the station's website to see if they had a story about it. I couldn't find it but another headline caught my eye. It read, "Alex Rodriguez In Buffalo." What what what? A-Rod is going to be in my hometown? What what what? I knew the chances of him being here on leisure were extremely remote considering the start of the regular season is drawing near. So what could he be here for?

The article didn't have much to it but it did link to a bigger article in the NY Times. Long story short, Alex is coming to town to meet with the investigators looking into Dr. Anthony Galea, the Canadian doctor who allegedly has dabbled in prescribing HGH to people. I did not know that the investigation was based out of Buffalo. Very cool. Alex is scheduled to meet with the investigators on Friday. Knowing me, if I wasn't working, I'd probably hang around the attorney's offices all day trying to get an autograph.

Thankfully I'm working so I won't be that guy. I'm sure somebody will be stalking him. There's always one.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,