Monday, August 2, 2010

Watering A New Lawn Sucks

Missed the game yesterday. We're nearing the finishing line on moving into our new home and one of things we have to do is have the lawn seeded and then water it. Having it seeded was easy. The watering is the sucky part. I spent pretty much all day Sunday standing around outside moving sprinklers every 15-30 minutes. So much fun. I missed all of the game and didn't even get to check the score until almost 7pm. Not the result I was hoping for.

I hear CC was a little off, working into and out of jams all game. Didn't matter though. You can't win if you don't score. Not the best series offensively for the Yankees. Based on the lack of offense I'm happy they won 1 game and left 1 game up on the Rays for the division.

The Yanks are now back in the Bronx for a 3-game set with the Jays. Hopefully the Yankees bats will return.

I'm getting my new smartphone (Droid X) today. It's like Christmas. Can't wait to play with it and more importantly, tweet about the Yankees with it. Fun fun fun.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,