Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yanks Didn't Play But It Was A Good Day

The Yanks might not have played today but it was still a good day. The Twins beat the Rays again so the Yanks are back in 1st place all by themselves. On top of that it was announced that Kevin Youkilis is going to miss the rest of the season due to injury. Now I don't wish that anyone gets injured. But injuries are a part of the game. Losing Kevin Youkilis is a huge blow to the Red Sox offense. You can't easily replace a perennial MVP candidate. It's going to be tough for the Sox to make up 6 games without Youk in their lineup. Is it impossible? No. Improbable? Yes. His injury greatly increases the odds of the Yankees playing baseball well into October. That works for me.

I didn't get to see Wednesday's game. I listened to it at work as best I could and caught most of the action. Unfortunately, I missed hearing A-Rod hit his 600th career HR. Lucky for me I finally got my smartphone (Droid X - IT ROCKS!) so I got to see the replay of it right after it happened with MLB's At-Bat app. That app rocks. If you're a baseball fan I don't know how you can live without it. I'm not sure how I existed without it for so long. Back to Alex....I don't know what it is about milestone HRs that cause him to go homerless for so long. Same thing happened with #500. How crazy is it that he hit #600 3 years to the day of hitting #500? Funny how things like that work out. Hopefully with #600 out of the way Alex can get back to playing a normal game. His "slump" had to be wearing on him. I think he's going to go on a tear now. When he does, remember, you heard it hear first.

Huuuuuuuuuuuuughes! 13-4 baby! Phil is having an awesome year. Yesterday wasn't his best outing of the season but still a good game. I wish I had seen it live. It's funny that Hughes is probably my favorite Yankee pitcher and I've seen very few of his games this year. Between day games, My9 games, and personal obligations, I think I've seen him pitch 3-5 times. If anybody saw the game and wants to fill me in on how he looked I'd appreciate it. Hard to tell from just the box score.

Not sure how much blogging I'll be doing in the coming days. I have a lot going on. We're now tentatively scheduled to close on our new home on the 13th. My wife's due date is Sunday and things are starting to happen so who know how that'll go. It's going to be quite a busy and hectic time 'round these parts. I wouldn't have it any other way though. New house. New baby. All is good.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



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