Monday, February 9, 2009

Alex's Interview @ 6pm On ESPN

Alex's interview with Peter Gammons will air tonight during the 6pm edition of Sports Center. They played a little sound clip from the interview on XM and he admitted to taking a banned substance. A friend of mine called me and mentioned he said he took the PEDs from 2001-2003. I'm glad Alex did the right thing and fessed up. It's too bad he only did it because he got caught and didn't have a choice.

I tried to transcribe what he said in the little sound clip they palyed and here's what I got: "I was young. I was stupid. I was naive. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was worth...umm....(long pause)...being one of the greatest players. I am deeply regretful." I may not have it 100% right but it's close.

The interesting part of that clip is the pause. I had the same thoughts about it as the hosts of XM's show. It was as if he was about to say, I wanted to prove I was worth the $250 million dollar contract, but instead he shifted gears mid-sentence and went down the "greatest player" road. It sounds to me that Alex felt he couldn't live up to his contract and used the "juice" to prove his worth. I'm inferring he decided to use because of the pressure of the contract. Based on the small audio clip I heard, that's what I'm inferring. The full interview should shed a little more light on things and I can't ait for 6pm to roll around.



Dave said...

what tangled webs they weaved-

103 to go..

Next biggie- Albert Pujols- Then Ryan Howard. only guesses but I don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt- damage control has been okay for Arod today.

maybe this will allow him to relax and release this burden and hit some clutch hits this year for our Yanks..

I am hopeful the others will follow his lead and get this all out so they can move forward..

Griffey is probably the only clean slugger of this era-

you know dawg,
I had a chance to take these steroids in High School- I'm guessing you were approached as well.
maybe I could have been somebody- I could've been a contender..

I know $250 million wasn't coming my way, but I could have made the midget body building circuit as a shoo in for champ at least...

dino said...

almost everybody on my college baseball team was using roids and this at a middle of the road D-1 school here, with out many pro prospects. i didnt cause i couldnt hit anyway...thank god for a place in the world for good defensive catchers.

i agree with you j-boogie about trying to live up to the contract thing for sure, not being the greatest curious to know if his allegations about the reporter stalking him (the U of Miami incident, Miami Beach citation) can be proved. either way, she seems like a total C-nt. i doubt shell email you back, but cant hurt tryin.

J-Boogie said...

Dave- I'm with ya. I want to hear those other 103 names. It's not fair that Alex has to be the fall guy for such a failed system. As for high school, never was approached and I never knew you were. You'll have to tell me about that.

Dino- I'm pretty sure someone out there will verify if Alex's claims about Roberts' actions are true. I can't see why he'd make that up. It's something that you'd think could be asily proved ot disproved. He'll lose credibility if he's disprved. She'll just look like, well, the word you used. And I doubt I'll hear from her. I'd be shcoked if I did.