Saturday, February 7, 2009

More On Selena Roberts

Just came across an interesting tidbit about SI's Selena Roberts. She's apparently the author of a soon-to-be released book called, "Hit And Run: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez." From what I've gathered through several web searches, the book is described as "an expose of A-Rod's controversial path to self-destruction." Something tells me the purpose of this book is not intended to paint A-Rod in a positive light.

I'm sure Alex is aware of the book and I'm sure Alex knows who Selena Roberts is. Why would he give her the time of day and answer any questions she asks him? She should have known that he'd blow her off when she asked him about testing positive. His failure to say anything to her shouldn't be read as an admission of guilt, which is kind of how it came across in her interview with Bob Costas. I may not have the quote 100% correct, but she basically said, "He could have said I don't know who your sources are but their dead wrong." Hence, she believes her sources even more.

Could this be just a ploy to sell a few extra books? If Alex comes out and says she's wrong and that he never tested positive, then what? Then it turns into he said, she said and then how do we know who to really believe. What if someone trots out 4 anonymous and "reliable" sources that say he didn't test positive and the SI article is a fabrication. It's not out of the realm of possibility, especially when people say they have anonymous sources. There's really no way for anyone, other than the person citing the sources, to verify it's authenticity, right?

I don't know. I can't get it to add up in my head. I'm not sure what to believe and I really can't wait to hear what response comes from the Rodriguez camp. and here I though today would be a regular old Saturday.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

Roberts was also the one who wrote that piece in the Times about what a slumlord A-Rod is with his real estate properties in FL, remember? But her whole reputation is on the line here. She must have very good sources to put out a story like this, book or no book. Like you, I'm waiting for A-Rod to say something. Anything.

Dave said...

He'll be told- shut up- Don't incriminate yourself-

It's for his lawyers now.

And as for him passing Bonds- It still all goes back to Hank Aaron.

Boy what an era of cheaters.- rich, baseball pockets are full- and everybody has been sold a dirty game..

Makes the super bowl refs look tame to a whole industry cheating.

Rob Abruzzese said...

It's certainly possible, but I would have to think that she and all of her editors at SI believe her sources 100%. If she's right then it's good for her career, but if she's wrong then it's not just bad for her career, her career is over. That's it, she's not a journalist anymore. Also, in the case that she's wrong, SI has a lot to lose. So I'm sure they believe her sources 100% too.

Anonymous said...

in journalism, whether it be sports, business or politics....everyone reporting has an agenda. when enron was considered the greatest corporation in america, stock analysts were getting information from "sources" about all the great business they were doing and how they were a Juggernaut of a business. it eventually turned out, these sources were enron flacks trying to get people to buy their stock and to promote this image of a great business while they're execs looted the business. how do we know these supposed sources dont have something against A-rod, maybe he wronged them and they are trying to get back at the aftermath of enron, business reporters admitted that they were pushing enron propaganda in return for good stories and quote un quote insider and solid just turns out theyre info was all wrong....untill these sources are identified and empirical evidence is shown of failed tests for A-rod or anyone else....people should wait before casting aspersions on anyone before we find out that one source was probably someone who has an agenda of destroying it a former employee who was fired or whatever......ill leave u with an agnostic, i cant believe in god because i dont know if he exists and no one else can know if he does or doesnt....ill believe he exists when i recieve empirical evidence that shows that to be the case, but unitl then i cant.....i cant believe alex used roids until i see empirical evidence that shows otherwise....that goes for him and anyone else accused.....

J-Boogie said...

Rob - I really wish there was something more to the story and the allegations. When the LA Times ran their story, they said they saw the affidavit. So far here, it's jsut the word of 4 people and their ability to convince Roberts that what they say is true. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but whose to say the 4 sources aren't independent and worked together to come up with the story for Roberts. It's a lot more believeable when it comes from multiple people. I have no idea if sources receive any kind of compensation for their info. I'd guess they do, but I have no idea. People lie when they think they won't get caught. It's possible, though unlikely, that 4 guys came up with a story to earn a payday, thinking that there's no way that it could or couldn't be disputed. I really can't wait for A-Rod to open his mouth on the matter. it'll be interesting if he denies it.

Anonyomous - Great comment. I couldn't agree with you more. There has to be some empirical evidence for this to resonate as 100% true with me. Perhaps A-Rod's statement, when he makes one, will shed some light on it.

Dino said...

i posted that anonymous comment u responded to....i dont normaly comment on blogs (but now ill leave my name), but I have been checking yours out, and like I like the measured response you have made to the whole situation unlike the rest of the sports world or media, who are prepared to immediately burn him at the stake with no evidence.

i to am interested in his response.....I dont think proof is to much to ask for in a situation where someone's reputation/character/career is on the line.....Im in law school, so that makes me big on court this shit would be dismissed as go on TV and say somebody told me he tested positive is taken as court its struck from the record

personally, i'd like to see MLB/Union do something......if the tests were anonymous and the players and testers didnt know who was testing positive (just a serial number next to test result with no bank of names to match numbers) then MLB should shoot down the allegations by stating so, hence cutting roberts legs off and killing her story and career...if it cant be substantiated they need to come down hard on the journalist roberts here....if all she has is sources who refuse to id themselves, barring any way of actually seeing these tests or empirical info proving he failed a test, mlb and the union should move to file suit on a-rod's behalf for defamation charges.

the testing materials are key here.....forget about A-rod for a second.....for roberts she could be in big trouble if all she has is hearsay evidence and no way to back it up.

now i dont have much time to sift through all the details of whats happening cause im slightly busy.....more than a-rods statement i want the mlb to do a corporation i cant imagine MLB isnt trying figuire a way out to protect, classified/anonymous info they gathered...basically, if alex is guilty that means that we are going to know about the other 103 players on the until i see 103 other players names, her story is irrelevant and nothing more than rumors being reported by someone (who clearly as you have pointed out) has an agenda

J-Boogie said...

Dino - thanks for the follow-up. I too am a little surpsied by how everyone is convicting him on very little evidence. Hopefully, his response sheds some light on it. A denial would only make things more interesting and complicated.

Like you, I'm also interested in what actions MLB and the unions will take. A-rod's privacy rights sound they were viloated and the root cause comes down to the mishandling of the whole survery testing.