Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Boogie Down Book Club: The Yankee Years - Chapter 1

I started reading Joe Torre and Tom Verducci's "The Yankee Years" tonight. I got thru the 1st chapter. Before I started, I looked at the table of contents to see how long the chapters were. The first chapter clocked in at 40 pages. Ugh. I prefer shorter chapters myself. I don't like putting down a book in the middle of a chapter. Something always comes up and it always seems to happen. Long chapters and I don't get along.

Some standouts of the chapter:

Pg. 11 - Torre is talking about honesty and how he won't lie to people, saying he's misled the media but has never knowingly lied to them. He's quoted as saying, "I may not have answered something directly or changed the subject and gone in a different direction, but I don't remember purposefully lying to somebody." As soon as I read that I immediately thought about the Larry King interview from the other day and thought to myself, "Joe's still go it." He's the master of the dodge.

Pg. 11 - By far my favorite quote of the book so far: "My one point to the players was they were never going to read something that they haven't heard from me, at least something significant. " I wonder if this book counts because from all the hype, it sounds like there's a lot of things in here the players will be reading that they didn't hear from him. I guess we'll find out.

The chapter then recaps the magical season that was 1996. I'll admit it. I got goosebumps reading the recaps of the World Series. Leyritz's HR. O'Neill running down Luis Polonia's gapper. The series-clinching foul out to Charlie Hayes. Awesome. Just awesome.

The rest of the chapter is pretty much a Derek Jeter love fest, which there isn't anything wrong with. He is the Captain and has been the face of the franchise since joining the Yankees.

So far it's a good read. Can't wait to get back into it tomorrow. But right now, it's time to watch me some Scrubs.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

You'll like my book better, J-Boogie. It's got really short chapters. :)