Thursday, September 14, 2006

Math For Dummies

Settle down class. Here is our lesson for the day.
Question: If the magic number is 9, and the Red Sox lose and the Yankees win, what does the magic number become?
Answer: 7
9-2=7 The magic number is 7. It's possible that the Yankees can clinch at home this weekend versus Boston, which will make clinching the division all the sweeter.
Sit down class, the lesson isn't over yet. I didn't hear the bell ring. The only thing dropping faster than the Yankee magic number is David Ortiz's batting average. He's O for his last 8. His average has dipped from .288 to .283. It's good to see he's helping his team win all those games with the HRs and RBI. The Sox have 14 wins since August 1st, against 27 losses. To compare over that same time span, the Royals have 19 wins, the Pirates have 20, and the Cubs have 15. Of the 4 teams in baseball with the overall worst winning percentage, only the Devil Rays have less wins with 13. The Red Sox though have played 2 more games than Tampa Bay since August 1st.
So who can tell me what that adds up to? Hint: the answer is two-fold. Very good Bobby. You get a sticker. David Ortiz isn't as valuable as he thinks he is and the Red Sox are currently among the worst teams in baseball. They could quite possibly be the worst. Double check the math. It all adds up.
Class dismissed.