Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trouble In The Water

Congratulations to the New York Yankees. Your 9-time defending AL East Champions! Wow, what a streak! I just got back from Toronto, and I wanted so bad to see an on-the-field celebration, but it wasn't meant to be. But thankfully, The BoSox did their part and lost so the magic number is zero! Yankees clinch baby. It won't be long before the real season begins. Can't wait. I only wish I had thought ahead to DVR the game so I could see the celebration. The encore is on and hopefully they show it.
Now that I've got the congrats out of the way, I'm a little nervous about the Yankees team chemistry. Bear with me, and I'll tell you why. And somebody let me know if this has been discussed here, in the media, anywhere, because it could be somewhat newsworthy. I'll treat this as if no one knows this tidbit, and I'm breaking the story. And I know this to be true, because I witnessed it first-hand with my own 2 eyes. And again, if anyone heard anything about this, let me know, because I'm curious. If you didn't, then you heard it here first. Here it is:
When I was in Toronto, I spent a lot of time outside the Yankee hotel trying to get an autograph or two. I was there Monday night, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday night, and Wednesday afternoon. The entire time, there was only 1 Yankee that nobody saw coming or going from the team hotel. And today, we found out why. To get to the story, Alex Rodriguez was the only Yankee NOT staying at the team hotel. He stayed by himself, across the street. I know this to be true because his bags were walked over from the other hotel to the truck that the luggage was loaded on. A bell-hop and one of the heads of the Yankee security team escorted the bags from one hotel to the other. The name on the bags was Alex Rodriguez. That explains why nobody saw him during their stay. My only question is, why? Does it have anything to do with the SI article that's coming out? Does he not get along with his teammates on a personal level? Is there a perfectly good reason? I don't know. But I'm curious. Am I the only one that finds this odd? Somebody let me know if they heard this mentioned anywhere? I've been to their hotel on each of their trips to Toronto and A-Rod has always stayed with the team. Why now the change?
I was tempted to call into the XM late night baseball show on my drive back, but the roaming charges and long distance would have been murder considering the lengthy hold times. I'd call the morning show and ask Buck Martinez his thoughts as a former manager, but I'm going to sleep through the show. I am going to e-mail the show and record it (assuming that function works) and I'm curious if they'll address it on the air. I'm concerned that somehow the team chemistry is being compromised, and i don't want to see it drag the ship down. If anyone has thoughts, feel free to share them. If I hear a response to my e-mail to XM, I'll post an update here.
Congrats again to the Yankees. I just hope everybody is on the same page.
And if I did the math right, the Twin magic # to eliminate the Red Sox from the wild card is 2. October minus Boston equals 2 sweet!