Friday, September 15, 2006

Rainy Day Sunshine

Everybody should know by now that tonight's Sox/Yanks game was rained out and we'll now be treated to back-to-back doubleheaders. If the Sox were still in it, I'd be a little more enthused, but what can you do? It still is Yankees/Sox though, so I'll be tuning in one way or another. The magic number is 6. If he Yanks take 3 out of 4, which is very possible, they'll have clinched the 9th straight division title. Glory days. It would be awesome to clinch versus the Sox, but I won't be disappointed if they don't. I have tickets to the following Yankees/Jays series, so I'd be happy to see the Yanks win it in person. Which brings me to.....
I'm on vacation!!!! Woo (expletive-deleted) hoo! I love not having to work. Work and I just don't get along. I'd be a lot happier sacking out on the couch all day. With any luck, I'll be winning $165 million dollars tonight in the Mega Millions drawing. That'd be a dream come true for anyone. Wish me luck. And if you've got tickets, here's some luck right back at ya. Just remember to float me a mill or two.
Tomorrow, the wife and I are taking a day trip to Cleveland. There's an autograph show right outside the city that I want to hit up. Tomorrow's targets are Indians rookie pitcher Jeremy Sowers (former Buffalo Bison but I missed him here) and HOF pitcher Sen. Jim Bunning. The Sowers autograph is free, but I've got to drop a 40 spot on Bunning, which isn't that bad. This reminds me that i need to update my autographed ball photo album, as well as the pictures from my last stadium trip. Yeah, I'm lazy, hence, I don't like to work. I'm running out of balls. I usually get 3 dozen at a time, but after the Cooperstown trip I only have 6 left, 2 of which I'm using tomorrow. The remaining 4 I hope to get signed up in Toronto.
After the autograph show, the wife is hitting up "Archivers" scrapbook store. If you read any of the posts I wrote a few months back about my stadium trip, you might remember my wife spent some quality time spending some $$ on "stamps" and other stuff. Ugh. The wallet is going to be empty tomorrow. But how can I complain. I spend money on signatures, she on scrapbooking stuff.
And then at night, we're going to the Jake for the Indians/Twins game. I picked up a pair of seats off StubHub. Lower-level RF, front row. Maybe I'll snag me an HR ball and I can have my own "Zack Hample" moment in the sun. The tickets turned out to be pretty cheap. Face value they were $22/seat. I found a "$20 off" discount code on the web, and I ended up with the pair for $34, which is great seeing that it included an overnight FedEx shipping charge. So look for me on TV. Section 109 in the front. I'll be rocking my XM MyFi all day listening to the Sox/Yanks games. For those that watch the games or see 'em in person, enjoy them, even though they're pretty much meaningless.
Make sure you tune in tonight to hear fellow Yankee blogger Felix on MLB Radio. I'm sure he'll rep us well. And if you haven't heard, the Yanks are thinking of dropping Columbus as their AAA affiliate. No news on where they might go if the 2 part ways. *cough cough* Buffalo? If only they weren't under contract to be the Indians affiliate through 2008.
Peace, love, and Pinstripes.