Sunday, October 19, 2008

And The Rays Are Your AL Champions

I'm sitting watching the Rays celebrate their 1st ever American League pennant. I have to give it up to them. They did the improbable and proved that they belong in the World Series. They almost choked it away but they nutted up in game 7 and did what the Indians and Yankees failed to do in their last attempt at reaching the World Series. Congrats. It's well deserved.

This should put to bed any talk about the Red Sox being a dynasty. There was a lot of chatter from Sox fans all season how they were on the verge of being called a dynasty. I'm glad they blew it because now I don't have to get into a war of words with Sox fans over how even had they won they were far from a dynasty. You can't be a dynasty when you finish in 3rd and miss the playoffs in your "dynasty run." Their 3rd place finish in 2005 basically reset the Sox dynasty watch. I tried explaining that point before the year started. If you're a Yankee fan that ever tried to sell a Sox fan on an anti-Sox sentiment, you know you don't get very far. Thanks to the Red Sox for settling that argument for me. You had a good year. But not good enough.

Lastly, I think I'm going to be sick. I'm getting thoroughly disgusted watching all of the Rays "fans" celebrate this victory. I can guaran-damn-tee you that the majority of that crowd didn't even know the Rays existed at the end of September. The Rays played kick-ass baseball all year and they barely showed. And when they did, it was typically to root for the visiting team. I know there are a lot of transplants down there, but you mean to tell me they couldn't pull together more than 15,000 supporters on a given night? Ridiculous. Part of me wanted to see them lose tonight just so I could see how many people showed up at the Trop next April. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up winning it all and still don't break 15,000 a game next year. I'm curious when I'm going to see my first piece of Rays gear up here in Western New York. What do you think? 2 days? 2 weeks maybe? It's coming. I can feel it. This is going to be the mother of all bandwagons. It's disgusting.

Congrats to the Rays but go Phillies! I hope they kick some Rays ass.