Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Glad That's Phinally Phinished

Phinally, the World Series is phinished. Congrats to the Phillies! In honor of the Philles, all "f" sounds in this post will be spelled with a "ph." As I've stated several times, if it's not the Yankees winning, it really doesn't matter to me who does. I don't really care who wins, even the Red Sox. I prepherred to see the Phillies win over the Rays solely because of the ever-growing Rays phan base. It'll be interesting to see how many of them show up to support them next year. I'm thinking that the attendance levels won't be much higher than they were this season, and that's sad. Prove me wrong Rays phans. Prove me wrong.

So now that the Series is over, the real phun can phinally begin. Players will phile for phree agency and then it's on. The Yankees got a lot of work to do and here's my quick wish-list:

1)Bring back Mooooooooooooooooooose
2)Sign CC
3)Sign Tex
4)Don't sign AJ
5)Don't sign Sheets
6)Don't sign Lowe

I think a rotation of CC, Moose, Wang, Joba and Hughes will do just fine. If they pheel the need to sign a 2nd starter, I'd prepher Burnett. Sheets is a Carl Pavano waiting to happen. I hope they're not even entertaining the thought. We'll phind out soon enough.

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It doesn't sound like Moose is coming back, and I'm nervous about how Hughes has been throwing in the Arizona League. Which means we'll need CC and a second starter - either Burnett (I agree - he's too injury prone) or Lowe. Or Cashman could get creative and pull off a trade for someone we're not thinking about.