Friday, October 24, 2008

Joba News

Sorry for being absent over the last few days. Work has been hectic. The wife has been taking over the home PC for her school work. I tired to blog yesterday and of course the system was down. I came across this little piece o' Joba news a few days ago and I'm not sure if anyone saw it. It was on the Truth and Rumors section at I think the article was originally featured in the New York Daily News.

On the night of Joba's arrest for driving under the influence, he was heckled at a Lincoln, NE nudie bar. Apparently while Joba was taking in the "local flavor," somebody yelled out "If you played for the Red Sox you wouldn't be sitting here." Now I have to give it up to the heckler because that's pretty funny. Joba didn't think so. According to the article, Joba gave the heckler some lip service and a "shoving match" ensued between the heckler and one of Joba's buddies. I'm sorry but drunk or not, Joba needs to develop some thicker skin. I hope he doesn't expect to go through life without getting heckled when he's away from the ballpark. How can he, as a member of the Yankees, expect not to get a few digs thrown at him every now and then? I'd have to think Jeter and A-Rod get lip a lot. Maybe Jeter should have a little chat with Joba. If you ask me, this is another knock against Joba being thought of as "mature." Joba has a lot of growing up to do.

Sounds like somebody had a bad night.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,