Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sorry for the long delay between posts. We had a little reorg at work and I picked up about 10 new peeps to supervise. It makes for a little more work and a little less blogging. At the night the wife has been monopolizing the PC doing work for a class she's teaching so my evening access ain't what it used to be. I can pop off the occasional short post but most of the time when I start out writing something I envision it taking about 5-10 minutes. 30 minutes later and voila. I've been trying to get back to writing my 2008 player look backs but the time crunch has thrown a kink into that.

Thankfully there hasn't been much going on in the Yankee universe. The real fun begins when the World Series wraps up and the hot stove starts roaring. The playoffs are pretty intriguing. I can't believe the boot stomping the Rays have been laying on the Sox. Suddenly the Sox pitching staff isn't so good.You can't count them out though. They've been down before. Last year the Tribe had them down 3-1 and couldn't seal the deal. I wouldn't rejoice just yet Rays "fans." Stranger things have happened. I'm inclined to think the Sox don't have much of a chance. They just look downright awful. The Rays are beating them up and down and I'll admit it and I'm sure you'll all agree, they're an exciting team to watch. I hope they finish the Sox off in game 5 and then proceed to get pummelled by the NL winner. I just can't pull for the Rays to win it all because of the monster that is the Rays bandwagon. It could very well be the largest bandwagon ever.

We should all be afraid. Very, very afraid.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,