Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joe Girardi Does Something I Like

I'm not sure how many people out there read lips, or how well I can read lips for that matter. After Rangers pitcher Vincente Padilla hit Mark Teixeira a second time, you could easily see that Teixeira was pissed. Girardi met Teixeira on his way to first and I'm pretty sure he said, "I know it's bullshit. We'll take care of it." I watched it a few times and every time I read it the same. Now I don't like a lot of what Joe Girardi does, but I was a fan of that. Burnett threw over the 2nd batter of the next inning's head. For most of, or pretty much all of, the Torre years, the Yankees would have never retaliated. It was probably the one thing I never liked about Torre. It was as if he thought the Yankees were above that. Girardi? Not so much. I'm glad he's going to stick up for his guys. I'm also glad we have a pitching staff with the balls to throw those pitches. Burnett was the perfect guy to have up in that spot.

I love this team. And that includes you, Joe. Now don't be stupid and have someone hit a guy tonight. Warnings were issued and the last thing I want to see is a suspension.