Thursday, June 4, 2009

Melky (Again) Powers Yanks To Win

Why is it whenever there is a day game that I can't watch, it's an exciting game? Following along on the radio at work is OK, but i can't give it my undivided attention. I had a conference call today from 1-2 so I missed the beginning. Luckily, I didn't miss the end. Melky goes deep. Mo gets the save. Yankees win. Thuhhh Yankees win.

I blogged during the game about Chien-Ming Wang's outing. If you want to read my thoughts on that, scroll down or click here. To summarize, I thought it was a step in the right direction.

The Yankee offense returned to form today. They knocked the Rangers for 8 runs on 10 hits and 5 walks. The hero today, as has been the case several times this year, was Melky Cabrera. He came through again late, belting a 2-run dinger that ended up being the game-winner. Melky has been an extremely pleasant surprise this year. I don't know anyone who didn't write Melky off after the season he had last year. He's making us all eat crow and I don't think any of us are complaining. I know I'm not. He's kicking ass and taking names. He's Melktastic! No? How about Melkalicious? Yeah, still pretty bad.

Nick Swisher's June is off to a great start. In May, Nicky Swish his a buck-fifty. He had 12 hits in 27 games. He's got 4 games under his belt in June and he's already halfway to his May hit total, going 6-for-10. He's looking a lot better at the dish and that month long slump seems to be behind him. Mark Teixeira also had a good day. He had the big hit that got the Yanks back in the ballgame. This was Teixeira's 9th multi-hit game in his last 13. His average is up to .284, which is where I thought he'd end the year based on his start. He got that average up there in a hurry and it's still climbing. A .300 average for Teixeira doesn't look like it's too far off.

The Yankee bullpen had a pretty good day. Mo and Aceves were a tad bit shaky, but collectively, the 4 RPs gave up only 1 run in 4 and a-third. I was a little nervous about getting the 5 outs that were needed to get the ball from Phil Coke to Mo, but Coke and Robertson did a great job keeping the Rangers from scoring. I'll admit. I didn't think they would.

Great win today. The Yankees have won 7 of their last 8 series. If the Yankees can keep that up, getting back to the postseason won't be a problem. Winning a series pretty much means you're playing at a .667 winning percentage, which is pretty damn good. The LA Dodgers are the only team right now that have a winning percentage higher than that. Sabathia kicks things off against David Price. CC has been awesome as of late and if he's going down the same road as he did last season, we should expect big things from the big guy. It won't be a walk in the park but CC has the stuff to get it done.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Altius Directory said...
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She-Fan said...

Let's hope we keep the training running against the Rays. We're not so good facing pitchers we haven't seen before, and Price is awesome.