Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yanks Leave Their Bats In The Bronx, Fall to Sox 7-0

I didn't get to see tonight's Yanks/Sox game as the My9 games aren't broadcast here in Buffalo. I guess I should consider myself lucky because the Yanks got their asses handed to them. I caught a little of the game on XM Radio but it failed to hold my attention, largely because of hoe bad of a game it was. A.J. Burnett, in a word, was awful. Thanks for showing up, right? 5 hits and 5 walks in 2 and two-thirds. In 2 starts this year, he's thrown 7.1 IP and has allowed 13 runs (11 earned) on 13 hits and 8 walks. The Sox have taken him deep 3 times. The Yankees need to do everything in their power to prevent A.J. from pitching in Fenway ever again.

The offense didn't do anything to try and pick him up. They managed to get only 2 hits. Beckett pretty much dominated them from what it sounded like. Not much more to say about that.

The Yankee defense has done a total 180 as of late. As soon as they set a new MLB record for most consecutive errorless games, they fall apart, committing errors now in each of their last 7 games. Unbelievable.

The Sox are now 6-0 against the Yanks this year. I picked the Sox to win the East this year over the Yanks via a the head-to-head tie-breaker. The Sox are well on their way to taking the season series. These games are pretty important and the Yankees need to step things up. These 3 games will be a better barometer of the series as opposed to the first 5 because the Yankees for the most part are fully healthy. I'd expect the Sox to win 2 out of these 3 because of the home-field advantage. If the Yanks get swept, I'll be shocked. Chien-Ming Wang starts tomorrow so who knows who the game will go. I hope Phil Hughes is ready because odds are good that he'll be needed.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

Very discouraging game, especially because the Yanks have been playing so well against other teams. They just seemed to deflate after watching AJ go down. UGH.