Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Heart Bleeds For Selena Roberts

I just came across an article posted on Yahoo about the tell-all book Selena Roberts wrote about Alex Rodriguez. For those that don't want to read the article, here's a brief summary of it: Nobody is buying the book. The book is no longer on any best seller lists. According to the article, via stats from Nielsen Book Scan, the book has only sold 16,000 copies, 11,000 of which were sold in the first week of release. Considering the first printing of the book was 150,000 copies, it's sold just about 10% of the total printed. Talk about bombing, or should I say, A-bombing.

Roberts obviously has an agenda when it comes to Alex. I would not be surprised if she comes out with another cockamamie story about Alex to try and drum up sales of her book. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the sales for this book tank. My faith in humanity is restored.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,