Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yanks Offense Rears Its Head in 8-4 Win Over Braves

Finally, the Yankees score some runs. Finally, the Yankees win. I didn't think they had much of a chance going into the game tonight. They struggled against the Braves' starter and only got things going once he got knocked out of the game. But hey, I'll take it. A win is a win is a win.

Joba looked pretty damn good. It's the 1st time this year that he didn't walk anyone. I know he didn't walk a guy in the game he left in the 1st when he got hit, but I'm not counting that. Good velocity. Outstanding strike-to-ball ratio (68 strikes, 31 balls). I think we can all agree now that Joba should never go back to the bullpen. He is so much more valuable to the team as a starter. His curveball was nasty today. Absolutely filthy.

Brian Bruney has had better outings. Perhaps he was knocking off some rust.

It took a while but the Yankees offense finally showed up. Francisco Cervelli kicked things off with his 1st ML HR. I really like having Cisco around. The Yankees would be wise to keep him on the roster when Jose Molina comes back. I'd also like to see him get a few more starts, but that's not going to happen. His post game interview with Kim Jones had me laughing. Her reminds me of the goalie from Slap Shot, except without the beard.

Mariano Rivera in a word: legend. The guy hasn't pitched since June 16th and what's he do? Mo comes in and nails down a 4-out save, whiffing all 4 hitters he faced. I was dying when he stepped up to the plate in the 9th. That was hilarious. He put a pretty good swing on the ball. The team seemed to have fun with that. It's something like that that could be a turning point. It kind of breaks the tension. Winning didn't hurt either.

I'm not overly excited by the 8 run output. They only went 2-for-9 with RISP. They could have been a lot more effective at the dish. I wonder how they would have fared had Joba not lined a shot off of Kawakami? They need to pull of a decent string of games offensively before I'll get excited. Tonight was a start in the right direction. Do it again tomorrow and I'll be pleased.

Is it possible that Joe Girardi's ejection sparked the team? Possibly. If so, imagine what effect firing him might have? Right now, about 50.1% of me is a Girardi supporter. They could can him and I wouldn't care. I can see both sides of it. Kevin Long on the other hand? Dump him.

The series finishes tomorrow. Derek Lowe is going for the Braves and I'm kind of relieved. It seems like it's been forever since the Yankees faced someone they're seen before. They've been struggling against the newbies and seeing an old friend might jump start things. I'm hoping it does anyway.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,