Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Induction Day Is Here (Early)

The wife had a check-up today on the Boogie Down Baby and the decision was made to induce labor TONIGHT, as opposed to this Monday. I'm not sure why, but they assure me nothing is wrong. Wow.. My adrenaline is pumping! It just hit me. I'm going to be a Dad. And I'm going to be one soon. Keep your fingers crossed.
*******' Yankee bullpen. I turn the TV off in the 7th when it's 4-3. I wake up, check out the score on Yahoo and the bullpen blew it, not once, but twice. I thought Phil looked good except for his control problems. I also have beef with Melky Cabrera, as well as the YES announcers for that matter. I don't recall the exact inning but it was the play where Gary Matthews, Jr. hustled out a double on a grounder past Cano. My problem is that Matthews never reaches second if Melky backs up that play. Melky didn't rush the ball until it hit the outfield grass after it slipped past Cano. If he charges the ball as soon as it's hit up the middle, in case it gets by Cano, Matthews has no shot at second. Melky didn't break on the ball until it was already into the OF. Bad form. Even worse, Kay and Flaherty didn't even make mention of it. They kept pointing out that Robbie should have had the ball, which I agree with. But it was obvious that Melky messed that up. Ah, what could have been?
Be back in a few. Go Yankees!!