Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Is Sad

The Yankees got blown out and the Devil Rays choked away their game against the Sox. No worries. Everything is Kool and the Gang. I am very annoyed however.
A few months ago, I picked up a signed Phil Rizzuto ball off Ebay. Earlier today after I found out about his death, I'd say there were about 100 total listings for items signed by Phil. That was around Noon. I checked again a few minutes ago (10:15pm EST) out of curiosity and there are now well over 400! I did a double check seconds ago (10:20pm EST) to verify that number, and there are now 521 listings! I had watched some auctions for several weeks and there were typically 50 or so listings. And now with his passing, over 500 in less than a day and they're popping up every minute. Ridiculous.
It ticks me off as a collector of signed memorabilia to see people just sit on items waiting for these guys to pass away and then try to unload them and make a quick buck when they do. When I won the ball a few weeks ago, I got it for $50.99. I got it from the promoter that worked almost exclusively with Phil when he did signings. Right now, there's a ball out ther with a bid of $299, with the majority going for well over $100.
Another check at 10:27pm EST and there are now 533 listings! Sad. Truly sad. Profiting at the expense of the recently departed. Only in America.
RIP Scooter.
edited to add @ 10:45EST the following day- There are now over 600 listings