Tuesday, August 7, 2007

They Keep On Keepin' On

That was certainly an entertaining game. And the Yanks just keep on rolling. They've taken the first 2 games of this series which guarantees another series win. I hear a lot of so-called experts out there still stating that the Red Sox are a shoe-in to win the East and I'm sorry, but I don't see it. There's no debate that the Yankees are the team playing the best baseball right now. And they're only getting better. The rotation is finally solid with the addition of Hughes. The bullpen has been upgraded with the subtraction of Proctor and the addition of Chamberlain. Giambi is back. Things are finally bouncing their way.
The Rocket looked awesome tonight. Mr. Splitee was out in full effect. Classic Clemens. I was kind of hoping that he'd pitched to a few more hitters before seeking out retribution for Alex getting plunked. What's up with that anyway? The Jays had their shot at payback yesterday and they blew it. I can see throwing at him again, but not another shot at his knee. That's just not right. And yammer all you want about A-Rod making a bush play last May, but most people know that it's part of the game. It's been happening for years. Howie Clark was dumb enough to fall for it so it got so much attention. Say what you want but in my opinion, that was a puss move by the Jays. I so wanted to see Towers get rolled. Telling Alex to "get to first base" backed with an "eff you." The Yanks hit him where it counts though and that was on the field. Have fun is Syracuse Josh. And am I the only one that noticed Gregg Zaun was about 10 feet from the plate when A-Rod was barreling towards home. I kind of was hoping that there'd be a play at the dish. Zaun would've landed in the front row. Chump.
The offense continues to rip things up. Abreu, Cano and Cabrera continue to stay hot. I've got to apologize for the comments I made earlier in the season about trading Melky because all he'd ever be was a backup outfielder. the Melk Man has me eating crow and I don't mind in the least. He's been on an absolute tear. It was good to see Jorgie get a few base hits, but come on dude, turn on the jets. Gunned out twice at second. I like the aggressiveness, but you've got to know that the Jays OFs have killer arms. I'm still not 100% sold on Shelley Duncan. I can see him fading and becoming mediocre. I do have to give him props for breaking up that DP, and for heading out after Matt Stairs. I respected that a lot.
And finally there's Chamberlain's debut. He wasn't lights out, but considering the first night jitters, he looked pretty good. His slider was absolutely sick. I'm expecting huge things from Joba. It's going to be great in '08 when he takes his spot in the rotation. He's got a great career ahead of him. Take it to the bank.
Tomorrow they go for the sweep. Wang v. Halladay. Ace vs. ace. I think Roy's in for a rough day.
Peace, love and Pinstripes.