Monday, August 20, 2007

We're Coming To Get'Cha

Not a bad weekend for the Bombers. They pretty much stuck it to the Tigers after dropping the series opener. I thought the Yankees were going to flounder once they met up with Cleveland and Detroit? They swept the Tribe and took 3 of 4 from Detroit. Yeah, they're struggling alright. They bounced back quite nicely after dropping 3 straight. I'm telling you, with the Yankees rotation and the potency of their lineup, odds are good that they'll win 3 of every 5. Winning 4 of 5, or 5 straight, is what is going to push the Yankees back to the top of the East. 4 games back. That's nothing. Your time is running out Beantown.
I continue to be impressed with the performance of Joba Chamberlain. Hey Magic 8-Ball. Is Joba the real deal? All signs point to yes. Cool. I had the weirdest dream yesterday. It took place during the Yankee game as I was nodding off for a little nap. That typically happens to me every Sunday. I stay up until like 2-3 in the morning on Saturdays, and then get up for church at like 8:30 on Sunday. Napping is inevitable. Anyway, the dream took place during Joba's 7th inning outing. I had the game on while I was sleeping and the game was a primary component of my dream. When Chamberlain was coming in, I was dreaming that they wheeled out this special walkway for him to make his entrance on. He walked down a ramp, and then took a seat on a green blanket, and was then carried to the mound by a bunch the grounds crew. It was like something out of ancient Egypt--a bunch of minions carrying the Queen or something down a walkway, something like that. When he got dropped off at the pitcher's mound, the ground's crew threw the blanket thingamajigger toward home plate, and it did all these loop-dee-loops and whatnot. Posada ended up catching it and the crowd went bonkers. It was pretty weird.
I'm still not feeling the blogging thing any more. I keep wanting to sit down and whip up an entry, but it's been hard to do lately. I'm definitely not the Cal Ripken of the blogosphere. I'm still watching the games though, when I'm not dozing off. That'll never change. I like blogging about the boys, hopefully, it's just a phase. I have been keeping up on my fellow blogger's posts. I need to do a better job of commenting though.
The Boogie Down Baby's due date is today. I don't think he's coming. We had an appointment last Friday and everything looks good, there's just no change in her, umm, dilation, I guess. I'm expecting him to stay in there all week. If that's the case, she'll be induced next Monday, a week from today. Holy wow. I'll be a dad within the week. That's a crazy thought. Exciting times.
Let's kick some Halo hiney!