Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sweepin' Their Way To The Top

I am starting to really stink at this blogging thing. I'm just not into it as much as I used to be. What I am into is a 3 game sweep of the Indians! It got a little hairy there for a second today, but Mo worked his way out of the jam and the Yankees leave Cleveland on an extreme high. They're in a virtual tie with the Mariners for the wild card, and they're now only 4 games, count 'em 4, behind the Red Sox. Times are good. There's no doubt who's playing the best baseball right now. There's no doubt who's played the best baseball over the last month, month and a half. Like I said a few posts ago, be very afraid.
Everything is clicking. They're getting good pitching. By far the highlight of the Indians series were the performances of Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. Both looked great. Chamberlain though. Oh boy. Kid is going to be something special. Can't wait for him to be in the rotation next year. Moose had a great game yesterday and Pettitte was outstanding today. Everybody is doing their thing and getting the job done. I think the current Yankee rotation can match-up pretty well with any staff out there. Kicking **** and taking names. That's what they're doing.
Am I the only one that sees an offensive explosion happening every inning? This is such a different lineup than it was a few months ago. Cano and Cabrera have absolutely energized the lineup. Both have been absolutely amazing. Cano has 49 hits in his last 107 ABs (.457). I liked O'Neill's comment today about how hot Robbie has been. Guys usually stay hot for a few games, like 10-15 ABs. What Cano is doing is down right awesome. And then there's Melky with his 17 game hitting streak. I am glad that Melky has been an everyday player now that the major bats that are usually in the lineup are back. It's kind of funny seeing such a highly paid guy like Damon or Giambi ride the pine while the Melk Man plays day in and day out. I may have been wrong on that one. Melky can be so much more than just a backup OF. Cashman deserves a lot of credit for refusing to deal Melky at the deadline for Gagne. Melky has been terrific while Gagne has been disastrous. It's been awesome to watch.
How awesome is it watching Shelley Duncan celebrate in the dugout after someone goes deep. I love how the cameras flash to him in the dugout as the guy rounds the bases. He's just standing there licking his chops, waiting for a forearm bash. I loved it yesterday when he grabbed A-Rod by the jersey and they both growled at each other. The kid is a trip to watch. Duncan, Cabrera, Cano, Hughes, and Chamberlain have infused so much energy into the clubhouse. This team is starting to remind me of the Yankee teams from the '96-01 years. There's no doubt in my mind that this hot streak is going to continue.
An update from the homefront. The "Boogie Down Baby's" due date is rapidly approaching. A week from tomorrow. It looks like things might be starting to kick off a little early. The missus possibly lost her "plug" and the contractions are starting to become more frequent. She's had quite a few over the last few hours. It's hard to tell if this is the onset of labor. I'm getting extremely excited.
A baby is coming and the Yankees are winning. Life is good.